I have now been back at work for five days. And I have been bloody EXHAUSTED at the end of each of those five days – even though on one of them, the kids were there for only an hour! I know lots of people begrudge us teachers our summers off (which is without pay, by the way, unless you join the twelve-month payment plan. Then the school board keeps part of your salary each of the ten months that school is in session, and pays it out to you in July and August. And in return, THEY keep the interest that has accrued on YOUR money during those ten months in which they didn’t pay your your full monthly salary. Quite the scam they’ve got going there, isn’t it? I didn’t sign up for that plan. I want every penny of interest I can get these days!), but even those people have to admit that it’s hard to get back into your regular work routine after as little as a couple of days off. It’s REALLY hard after eight or ten weeks off.

But I’m always happy to go back to work in September, as I’m one of those odd people who actually enjoys her job. Like most teachers, in September, I’m generally full of enthusiasm, energy, and bright ideas. I find the kids endlessly fascinating, and I have lots of patience with them in September. I mean to make this year the best year ever for every kid I work with, and in September, I’m looking forward to making a positive difference, either big or small, in each of their lives.

Yeah. In September.

So, come talk to me in June. It just might be a different story then.



2 responses to “September

  1. May the ensuing year be the best you have ever had dear sister. Oh, and I always used to get the 12 months payment. Just found it easier.