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Humming along

I had to go grocery shopping last night. That’s my exciting Friday night, grocery shopping. Isn’t middle-age fun?!

Although DD usually comes with me, she’d been working till 7 last night, so she said she didn’t feel like accompanying me. “Feel like”??? And I “feel like” spending an hour and a half most Friday nights dealing with food that I’m not currently eating???

Ah, well. We must eat, so I set off alone.

While in the deli section of our local supermarket, I saw the hummus. DD likes hummus a lot, so even though I was miffed that she wouldn’t get off her butt and come shopping with me, I texted her to ask if she wanted some hummus, since it was on sale. She affirmed that yes, she did. I suggested two cartons of the caramelized onion flavour, to which she enthusiastically agreed.

Then I looked at the sign again. I texted her back that I seemed to have made a mistake, that the brand with the caramelized onion flavour didn’t seem to be on sale. DD texted “LOL”, obviously not comprehending how I could make such a silly error.

But in my defense, this is the sign that confused me:

What does that even mean?!? Why are we talking about “tribes”? Are we referring to “shieks” as a type of container particular to hummus? Does this mean that two of these “shieks” of hummus make a “tribe”? Is this “tribe” being “assorted”? Is this actually any form of English? What the hell is going on with this sign anyway?!?

Clear as mud, no?

I gave up and didn’t buy any hummus.


Whoa, there!

I am just astounded! I simply cannot believe my eyes!

DD and I were out doing our weekly grocery shop – the one we didn’t do last week, so I guess it’s not truly weekly, then, is it?

Anyway, to my intense horror, I saw this in the local grocery store:photo

It’s effing AUGUST, people!

I can’t even rant any further – this is SO STUPID AND SO WRONG!


I was walking near my home the other day and came across this sign.

It was attached to a post for an actual stop sign, which is not visible in the photo.

I’m not sure quite what to think of this. I mean, wouldn’t the big red octagon with the white letters spelling out STOP be clear enough? And what’s with the quotation marks around the word “not”? So is it meant to be sarcastic and therefore we don’t really have to stop because it’s possibly not a real four-way stop? And why would that matter anyway? Stop is stop. You see it, you stop. That’s what you do.

I’ll never know, but I choose to think that somebody had a near miss at that corner where perhaps somebody else didn’t stop. Maybe the person who didn’t stop thought it was a four-way stop, and so assumed that the other person (the one they almost hit) was going to stop. Only nobody ended up stopping and there was nearly a car crash.

The other possibility is that there is someone in my neighbourhood who feels we all need some clarification on this stopping concept.

Yeah, that’s a tough one to grasp, all right.