Mmm, mmm, ha ha

Actual quote from the writing of one of my students this morning:

“I like pigs because they are funny and tasty.”

… uh … at the same time … ?

A little too quiet

I get in my car this morning and start ‘er up. I hear the engine.

Wait, what?

I hear the engine.

No, no, I’m supposed to hear the stereo. My iPod, to be precise, with music that I personally have chosen.

I hear the engine.

I punch a few buttons. I fiddle with a few controls. I remove the iPod from its pocket, muck a bit with it, put it back.

I hear the engine.

So I turn the engine off.

Then I start the car again.

I hear the engine.

Something is wrong, I finally admit to myself. My stereo is not working this morning. I have no music, no talk radio, no sound at all. I resign myself to a music-less drive to work. I’m not super-concerned, because this has happened before. I don’t know what the problem is, but every now and then, my car stereo just doesn’t work. I can’t even change the track on the iPod or switch the radio on. The controls don’t do anything at all. But the issue always resolves itself the next time I start the car, as long as there is an hour or so in between starts.

And that’s exactly what happens this time.

After work, I get in my car and start ‘er up. I hear the engine.

I press the audio button on the dash. I press the iPod button. I hear my music.

To be precise, I hear the Rolling Stones “Start Me Up”.


You’d almost think my car planned all this today, wouldn’t you?

A clear sign

Uh … I think it’s time to buy some new bedding. Apparently pillowcases and sheets DON’T last forever, despite what I may have always thought.