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Gotta lose it

I’m sitting here chowing down on the remains of last night’s dessert: warmed rhubarb crumble with ice cream. Well, technically, I am also sitting at my desk, typing a blog post on my laptop, but that’s not the important thing here. Except, I guess it actually IS pretty important, because if I wasn’t doing that, you would have no idea what I was doing and if you don’t, then I wouldn’t be able to segue into my point …

Which is what, exactly?

Okay, let me backtrack a bit. I don’t know if I mentioned this previously, but my doctor recently told me to get my bloodwork done, as apparently, I hadn’t had a full workup since 2009. (And whose fault is that, DOCTOR?!? I have a checkup annually, and you’re supposed to be on top of these things. Don’t you ever look at my file? And while we’re talking about that, I actually believe that I HAVE had bloodwork done since then, but I think the results were never entered into my file … which would be the fault of your medical assistant – and likely your ditzy part-time one, not the full-time one who is most excellent and never misses a thing.)

Anyway, I got the bloodtests done and a few days later, I got a call from my doctor’s assistant (the full-time one, not the airhead part-time one, so I trust what she said) asking me to come in to talk to my doctor. “It’s nothing too serious,” she added.

Ha. Like THAT mollified me. After my fifth friend was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of weeks ago, EVERYTHING is serious to me! As far as I was concerned, I was suspected of having some dread disease and more tests were needed and then a treatment plan would be required and then I was going to die a hideously painful death in a few days anyway.

imagesBut really, all it turned out to be was that my cholesterol level was up. I was told that this is quite normal as one ages (so why, exactly, did I need to come in to see her then?), and that there were a couple of things that she wanted to encourage me to do in order to avoid medication as long as possible.

She wanted me to exercise more. My response to that was, “More? More than five times a week?!?” She asked me what exactly I was doing. I told her that I worked out at a gym four days a week usually, and went to a Pilates class once a week. She nodded and typed a note into my computer file.

She wanted me to eat more vegetables and less meat. “I only eat meat maybe once or twice a week,” I informed her. “I don’t like meat a whole lot, so I mostly cook vegetarian.” Again, she nodded and added another note. She asked me about the other food groups and didn’t seem to like the fact that I eat a lot of fruit and that I eat something from the grains food group most days.

Then she wanted me to lose weight, 10% or 15% of my current body weight, to be precise. She said if I was already exercising and eating reasonably well, losing weight would bring down that cholesterol level and then I wouldn’t need medication.

But isn’t exercising and eating reasonably well what one usually DOES to lose weight? Don’t those things go hand in hand? Isn’t it as simple as eating less and/or better plus more exercising equals weight loss?

Apparently not, because I haven’t lost any weight since I started this more intense exercise regime, at the beginning of August.

It’s a mystery to me. Also, my doctor didn’t seem to be the least bit concerned that I was actually overweight anyway. Still, I am going to try to change my eating habits a bit.

9504-rhubarb-crumble-l And that’s why I’m eating rhubarb crumble and ice cream. Maybe that will jump-start my weight loss.


A weighty thought

I have been a member of my gym for almost two years now. It’s a women’s-only gym, which I prefer, and it’s small and friendly. It’s close enough to my home that I can walk there in about ten minutes. I like the machines they have, and by now, I’m quite proficient at going through the circuit. They are starting to offer more and more classes – you know, “Butts and bellies”, Zumba fitness, weight loss seminars and the like – and although I’m not especially interested in that stuff, I can usually work around it. They do close rather early in the evenings, and aren’t open on Saturday afternoons, Sundays or stat holidays, but again, I can usually work around that, too.

So basically, I like my gym and I like my work-out.

Late this afternoon, I was merrily lifting and pushing and twisting and bending my way around the circuit at the gym. There were only three other women there, so I could pretty much go at my own pace. The two closest to me were having their own animated conversation, and the third was way over on the other side of the room, so I didn’t even have to make polite small talk with anybody. I could just do my work-out and go home for dinner. I like that, especially when I’ve been at work and around people all day (yes, contrary to the opinions of many, small kids are people too!).

At one point, though, I looked around at the three other women in the room. I realized that they were all about my age. And they were all noticeably overweight. Well, I thought, I may not be perfect in the body department, and I certainly have my “trouble” spots, but I’m not that overweight. Still, here we all are, working out.

I started to think about some of the other women that I’ve noticed in the gym over the past two years. The vast majority are middle-aged, chunky women. The rest are mostly senior women of varying body types, with a few younger women also of varying body types. Yet, here we all are, working out.

And then I had a question. With all this regular working out, shouldn’t the middle-aged chunky women be getting less chunky? Isn’t that one of the goals of exercise, to slim down? So, why isn’t this happening for a lot of these women I’m noticing?

Now I’m wondering if maybe regular exercise doesn’t actually help with weight loss. I mean, at my gym, I haven’t exactly seen much evidence that it does. Are we all just wasting our time and money then?

I just don’t know. I’m going to have to ponder this for a while. I’ll just go fix myself a rum and coke and maybe grab some chips and dip while I think about this …

Just one more …

This is the last post about my vacay, I promise. Really. It’s just that I get a little wordy at times … and photo-y.

Well, PG and I also toured around California’s wine country for a few days, specifically the Russian River Valley, the Napa Valley, and just a bit in the Sonoma Valley. And we finally got WARM. And we tasted lots of WINE. And there was much rejoicing in the kingdom.

In fact, we tasted so much wine that PG was practically begging for a regular old cocktail by our last night in Healdsburg CA, which is where we based ourselves for this part of the trip. Most restaurants served only local wines, which was fine, but after you’ve been tasting most of the afternoon and are just a little bit hungry and tipsy (don’t worry, we very sensibly didn’t taste while we were driving around: we waited until we got back to Healdsburg and then we walked around town to the various wineries and tasting venues.), you really don’t want to try one more wine. Trust me, you won’t truly taste it anyway.

We did find a cocktail lounge in one of the hotels, where I gratefully ordered a special coffee and PG ended up with this:
I have no idea what this drink was called, nor what was in it, but it had flowers floating in it and it looked pretty. PG simply chugged it down.

Wine country is quite green and pretty, but parts of it are also very crowded. Those parts would be the Napa Valley. We drove through there early on a Friday afternoon, and you could see traffic building by about 2 o’clock. It’s not too far from San Francisco, which apparently empties out on Friday afternoons and everyone hurries up to Napa itself or Rutherford, or St Helena or wherever. To accommodate all these vehicles, there’s a four-lane freeway through most of this valley, whereas it was two-lane highways pretty much everywhere else in the region.

We drove many of the backroads (yay GPS!) and some of them were pretty twisty. Picturesque, but twisty. And I discovered that I still suffer from carsickness on such roads. I didn’t throw up or anything, but I still felt awful at times. PG was most considerate, and drove as smoothly and slowly as he could, considering the speed of the rest of the traffic (fortunately, usually minimal), but when you can’t see the horizon very far ahead due to curves and trees, even that doesn’t help a whole lot.

But I did recover from those couple of bouts of carsickness and I did have a great trip. I also did just a bit of shopping – honestly, just a bit! I’m not a big shopper generally, but I do like to pick up a couple of non-touristy items when I’m away, and then when I use those items back at home, I can say to myself, “Ah, yes, I remember when I bought that, on my trip to –wherever–!”

I spotted this shop in Monterey CA:
It was closed at the time, so, sadly, I didn’t get a chance to go in and browse.

But I did buy these in San Francisco:
Very Pinklea, n’est-ce pas?

And a set of these dishes at my new favourite shop, Anthropologie. I had actually seen them and drooled over them at the store in Vancouver, but I wanted to buy them in Oregon, where there is no tax. I had to drag PG to two branches of the store in Portland, but I got all the plates and bowls and cups I wanted, for a lot less than I would have back home. I love them! (But I have noticed that because they are so colourful, food tends to disappear on them. No one else seems to care about that but me. I think about stupid things, I am told.)

I am happy.

And I am fat. I am now dieting. Two weeks of eating constantly and copious amounts of alcohol have left their mark on me (though, to be fair, I know I had already gained some poundage since last summer). I am working out every day and I am watching what I eat with an eagle eye. So far I have lost one pound. One. In a week. And I figure I need to drop between ten and fifteen pounds.

So by the time Christmas rolls around, I may have lost the weight I’ve put on this year. Perfect. Just in time for the annual Christmas weight gain.

Gotta go to the gym now …