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Fit or foe

DD has been on her low-carb diet for several weeks now. She has been absolutely vigilant about what she will and will not eat. She has not lapsed once – except for that drinking binge that one weekend. (Hey, she’s 23 and she wasn’t driving, so who cares?)

She has not lost a single pound. Or a kilo. Or even an ounce or a gramme. Nothing. Nada.

She is not happy about that.

However, she has lost many inches. And many centimetres. It’s very noticeable that she has trimmed down quite a lot. Her clothes are fitting much more loosely. She is now hitching up her belts on a different hole. She is doing up her bra on the innermost hook. She is looking forward to buying new, smaller clothes this fall.

She is very happy about that.

She continues her thrice-weekly workouts at the gym and has signed up for a core strength class at her college next week. She is feeling healthy and pretty good about her success.

So, yay DD! I’m so proud of you, bébé!

What? Oh – me? How is my own fitness regime going?

Well, I still can’t quite do an effing man push-up. I simply can’t believe that all that drinking in Vegas last week didn’t help. I was so sure it would.



I just had my second measurement and weigh-in at the gym, and I am awesome!

Remember, back last fall, when I was whining about being unable to lose three and a half more pounds? Well, I have now done it! Six months and a bit later, and I have finally lost it! And I have lost it by not really trying. Cool, huh?

This translates to my percentage of body fat going down from 34.2% to 31.8 %. Is that good or bad? I don’t know, but at least it’s going down. My bust measurement has remained the same (sadly, all this muscle that I’m building is not helping in that area), as has my waist. The lack of change in my waist was a bit of a surprise, as I do feel like there’s less of me there, but oh well, next month’s measurement will come quickly enough. I have lost an inch from my abdomen and hips – and those I have very definitely noticed! My thighs are down a quarter-inch, which, believe it or not, I have also noticed. I think it’s something in the way my pants fit now.

But of course, I went into this mainly hoping for killer arms. And they are coming! I now have noticeable triceps when I tense my arms, and my biceps are slowly becoming visible. I have lost a grand total of one and a quarter inches from my formerly wimpy, somewhat pooky arms! That must have been pure flab, and through some hard work on my part, it’s now disappearing!

And the lone man push-up that I’m aiming for? No great progress this month, unfortunately. I can still only do them halfway down, though I can do more than three now. I’m up to five in a row at this point, so I guess that’s some progress, just not quite where I want it to be yet.

(But I must say, my new carpet sure is nice to practice on!)

Almost …

It’s been a while since my last attempt, so I tried again today.

My single man push-up, I mean. (What did you think I meant??)

I lay on the carpet. I tried to push myself up. I failed. I sighed.

I propped myself up on my hands and toes. I lowered myself.

And I did not crash!

I did not go all the way to the floor either, only about halfway, but I was able to push myself back up to my starting position. Then I lowered myself again. Again, I did not go all the way down, but again, I did not fall, and again, I returned to my starting position.

Then I did it a third time.

Then I stood up, practically in shock. I’d just done three almost-man push-ups! In a row!

This is really quite encouraging, don’t you think?