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images11I’m so frustrated!!! My wonderful new (as of August) MacBook is in the shop for repairs. I haven’t been able to access my blog since Thursday, and I can’t believe that I have become so addicted in such a short time!

On Friday afternoon, my lovely lappy will not start up. The flashing light to indicate that it’s sleeping is visible, but I can’t make it wake up. Darling Daughter is pressed into service, but she too is unsuccessful. She suggests that I have drained the battery (because apparently, even laptops need to be plugged in sometimes) and if that’s the case, it might take a little time to recharge enough to work. Fair enough, I think, and leave it plugged in while I trot off to the hairdresser.

When I come home, still nothing. But now we notice that the tiny green light on the adapter power cord isn’t lit, which indicates a problem with either the electricity source or the power cord itself. DD switches plugs several times, but still no light. Must be the power cord. Good thing the computer is still under warranty.

So off I head to the store where I purchased my MacBook last summer, armed with my MacBook itself and the suspect adapter power cord. I explain my problem to a very nice fellow called Sean, who says we’d just better check to see if the computer boots up with one of their power cords. To my horror, it does not! He even takes the battery out, thinking that maybe the computer is trying to use it instead of the electrical cord, but still nothing. I am right pissed off at this point, but what can I do? Obviously it is something more than a wonky power cord.

I sign my MacBook over to the store for repairs, but naturally their Mac techie isn’t in until Monday. “How long will it take?” I wail. “I neeeeeeeeed my computer!”

Not too long, Sean tells me. There are only two computers in the repair queue ahead of mine, and if parts are required, they will only take two days to arrive. Only. Are there no overnight couriers on this planet?

I stomp home. I’m mad. But as the weekend wears on, I get very agitated. I don’t know what to do with myself. I wander the house. I reread old magazines. I watch bad TV. I nap. I am bored. I am craving … my computer.

But I go to work on Monday and I have a computer there. During my lunch break (because God forbid I surf on company time), I try to get into my blog. I say try, because my computer keeps crashing. I can only get so far, then my browser quits. Every single time. Piece of junk three-year-old iMac! Doesn’t it know who I am? Doesn’t it know that I am in … withdrawal?

But all is not lost. Today I beg DD to let me use hers, “just for an hour!” In return, I promise to buy her a really wonderful Christmas present. She doesn’t really believe me, but she does toss me this bone before she goes off for a walk and leaves me to it: Her BoyFriend is a techie for the same company that currently has my MacBook, but at a different location. He has taken it upon himself to contact the techie at my location and ask him to work on my computer right away. Amazingly, this guy agrees and when HBF contacts him again to see what was going on, he is told that it was possible to boot up the computer so it’s not as serious as originally thought, and that some part is already on order and should be here tomorrow. Therefore I should get my laptop back tomorrow.

I blink and start to breathe normally again.

Hi, I’m Pinklea and I’m a computer addict.



So I broke down and spent the money.  On a laptop.  And an iPod.  Money that was actually earmarked for – oh, things like my line of credit or my upcoming car rental.  I’m justifying the expenditure to myself with the fact that my old computer had been crashing a lot recently, and also that my new car will have a built-in iPod adapter thingy which will enable me to snap it in its dedicated pouch, attach it to its dedicated outlet, then use the stereo controls to run it instead of the clickwheel (which I haven’t yet mastered anyway).

However, another factor in my decision to buy now rather than later was that DD informed me that Apple currently has a deal on whereby if you purchase both an Apple computer and either an iPod Nano or iTouch with the educational discount, you send in proof of purchase and Apple sends you a cheque that covers the cost of the iPod.  Basically, buy a computer and get a free iPod.  Good deal, I thought, and since I’m a teacher, I do qualify for the 100$ educational discount.  I can’t lose, I figured!

Except, I sort-of did.  I didn’t read the fine print.  I bought my new technology at a store that doesn’t offer an educational discount and therefore isn’t eligible for the free iPod deal.  I did get almost 250$ worth of free stuff from the store, though, in place of the discount:  a power bar, a memory card reader, a USB port hub, and an external hard drive.  None of which I really need (although DD quickly snapped up the external hard drive) or were considering buying in the future.  The bottom line is that I spent almost 300$ more than I would have if I’d gone to an Authorized Apple Retail Or Campus Outlet Store, but I got almost 250$ worth of computery items that I didn’t really want, so my net loss is 50$.  Note to self:  read the WHOLE rebate form next time.

Anyway, DD’s new(ish) boyfriend is a self-proclaimed computer geek and actually is a computer tech support guy, so he helped me set up my new toy on our wireless network and also did stuff so that I can access my email easier and not have to go through the web site.  It took him all of two minutes, grumbling all the while that he is emphatically NOT a Mac guy, that he really didn’t understand all this Mac stuff and wasn’t too sure what he was doing.  Yeah, right.  Even DD was rolling her eyes.  But as I say, he was done in about two minutes, then he smiled beatifically at me and asked, “Is that it?  Anything else you need?”

I asked him for a ride to the Skytrain station.

Getting started

For some reason, I’ve decided that I need my very own blog.

During my vacation this summer, I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and thinking, “I could do that!” Of course, my next thought was invariably, “But I could never do it as well as [whomever]!” Then I’d start thinking about my own privacy, other people’s right to privacy and that whole thing about sending personal information into cyberspace and never being able to retrieve or edit it… on and on. Darling Daughter has been blogging forever (okay, maybe just seven years, but that’s a third of her life already) and she kept saying, “Mom, you can write! You know you can! Stop worrying and write!!”

So I’ve swallowed my apprehension and here I am.

DD graciously consented to help set me up, even going so far as to design the header for me. It actually wasn’t the first one she came up with, but it was the only one that wasn’t intended to completely embarrass me, so that’s why I chose it. My only stipulation was that there had to be pink in it, and she, being quite adept at PhotoShop, played around with colours and designs and who knows what all else for a grand total of four minutes in order to create several prototypes for me to peruse. So THAT’S what she does till 2 a.m. every day…

Of course, the bigger issue turned out to be my ancient computer, a 2001 vintage iMac. This thing is so old that the site kept crashing, meaning that there was no way I would be able to post unless DD let me use her laptop. Fat chance of that! But she rode in on her white charger to rescue me yet again. Her advice was simple: “Mom, you’ve GOT to upgrade. Buy that laptop you’ve been drooling over already!”

I sighed. It’s true, I have been drooling over MacBooks this summer as well, but really, other than crashing every time a graphic-heavy site (like eBay) is opened up and being unable to access most of YouTube and being unable to download very much and waiting FOREVER to open up most of my apps, this computer works perfectly well. Besides, the nearest Apple store is currently closed.

On to Plan B, which was for DD to download BlogThing and link it to my new blog so that I could post away happily. (I didn’t even know that programs like BlogThing existed.) I’m so glad my progeny is so computer-savvy! I mean, I can work my way around computers reasonably well (I do spend a lot of time on them, both at home and at work), but she was born knowing more about them that I can even imagine existing!

So, as I said, here I am. I’ve started a blog. And I need a new computer. Already.