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My mother called me Sunday morning – yes, the mother whose last phone call to me was at 6:30 on a Thursday morning to ask me to come over because it turned out that she’d had a small stroke. Fortunately, this call was at a much more palatable hour. In fact, PG and I were just about to head out the door for breakfast at our favourite little Sunday morning spot.

“You called me last night,” Mom announced. “At midnight. You woke me up, then I checked and saw that it was you who called. I called you back right away, but you didn’t answer, so I left a message. You didn’t call back, so I didn’t sleep all night. Are you and DD okay???”

Huh? I called my mother at midnight? And I didn’t even have the decency to leave a message – or return her call?

I hastened to assure her, first of all, that both DD and I were just fine. And then I assured her that I most definitely did not call her, and that there was no way I would call her at that hour anyway.

She insisted that I did, and that, naturally, all night she’d been imagining all sorts of horrible scenarios since I hadn’t called back.

Well, naturally. Anybody would react that way. But my 82-year-old mom, who’s recently had a stroke and has only been home from the hospital for about 10 days? How could I DO that to her?

Except I didn’t. Not on purpose, anyway. I checked my phone, and sure enough, everything she’d said happened actually did happen. I guess I must have pocket-dialed her while putting my phone in my bag or something (or more properly “purse-dialed” her). I still can’t see how I did it, because I would have had to tap to open my phone, then tap the phone button, then tap some other button that dialed her. I had spoken to her earlier on Saturday morning, so her number was there on my “recent calls” list as well as being in my list of contacts. That’s three separate buttons I would have had to tap. It seems fairly far-fetched to me, but apparently, that is what I did.

My poor, long-suffering mother. I apologized over and over again, trying to explain how I thought it might have happened, but I don’t think she understands this mobile phone technology stuff. All she knows is that I disturbed her sleep and caused her to worry. She already distrusts my phone: she says it always sounds echo-y and she can never hear everything that I say, so this will give her another reason to dislike it.

But I suppose it could be worse. PG once pocket-dialed 911. The 911 operator called him back and upon learning that he was fine and hadn’t intended to call emergency services at all, scolded him so severely that he claims that he will never call 911 again, not even on purpose.

So I’d better hope that if I’m ever in trouble, that I’m not with him, because he won’t call 911 for help!


iPhone (and then iWrite about it)

See this photo? It’s an iPhone, the latest 4GS one. I’m sure you’ve all seen them before. All those iPhones look alike, don’t they?

But this one is mine. That is my actual hand holding my actual iPhone. For true.

I have just purchased the third mobile phone that I have ever owned in my life – or more accurately, in the twelve years that I have had mobile phones. That is apparently an appalling statistic, owning three mobiles in twelve years. I am apparently well below average … in mobile phone ownership, mobile phone ownership, not everywhere in my life! (I just knew where your mind was going there!)

And what’s more, I have cancelled my landline phone and now only have the mobile. Just like the youngsters, aren’t I? I believe I have mentioned this in the past: I am getting older kicking and screaming. Denial all the way, that’s how I’m doing it. I am pretending that I am 25. Still.

So I have packed away all my other old phones and now I must cart my iPhone everywhere I go, even in my house. My house is three stories, so if I don’t do that, if my phone should ring, I will have to possibly run up or down a flight or two of stairs to answer it. Not fun – especially not in socks.

Speaking of ringtones, I didn’t particularly like the ones that came with the phone, so I have learned how to download and activate ringtones from various websites. For free, too, because I am frugal. (Which sounds a lot nicer than “cheap”, which is actually what I am. That’s why I cancelled the landline, you know: too expensive to have two phone systems and totally unnecessary, really.) I spent a lot of time hunting all over the intarnets to find the snippet of the song that I wanted, 42 whole seconds worth. Ironically, my voice mail kicks in well before those 42 seconds are up, so I would never hear the entire song fragment if I chose to not answer a call.

I am starting to text like a demon, too. It’s much easier with an actual keyboard, even a touchscreen one, than it was on my old mobile where I had to hit the “1” button three times to type the letter “c”, for example. That old school stuff is quite time consuming, so I really didn’t text a whole lot. But I sure do now.

And I email right from my mobile! I google things! I play Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds! I check my hockey pool (I’m currently tied for first place, just in case you’re interested)! I download apps with which I do things like check my bank balance and pay some of my bills! I take photos! I listen to music!

What I don’t actually do a lot of, surprisingly, is talk on the phone.

So … um … call me sometime, okay?

Money for nothing

My goodness, when it rains, it pours! (Or for those of you who read French, jamais deux sans trois!)

I have had another battle over a payment, this time about my mobile phone bill.

Now, just for the record, this does not happen to me a lot. Normally, I look over my bills and everything is fine and the payment is made and life goes on. Only rarely is there something that doesn’t make sense to me, and most of the time, when I think about it long enough, I figure it out and it’s okay. I almost NEVER have to contact the company and ask them why the hell they are trying to rip me off.

But I have had to do this twice in one week!

I was looking over my recent mobile phone bill, pondering the fact that I almost never even come close to using up my allotted minutes so I should change to a lower cost, fewer minutes plan. Then I realized that the bill was about thirty dollars more than what I thought it should have been. I clicked to get further details.

Now it got interesting. There was a roaming charge for data to the tune of – you guessed it, almost thirty dollars. It was in the US, so of course the cost was exorbitant even though there was only 981 kb used. Yes, I was in California with PG on that particular date. But I don’t have a data plan on my phone. I never have had. In fact, when I accidentally hit the internet button on my phone, I immediately get a message that access is forbidden. (Forbidden. When I hear that word, I always feel like a little girl who just got caught with her hand in the cookie jar, and then got slapped and sternly scolded. I find it a bit of a frightening word, to be honest.)

So, how on earth could I have a charge for data on my mobile phone when I don’t have access to the internet on it in the first place?

I called the mobile phone company and explained the situation. The woman I spoke to insisted that my phone with my SIM card had definitely been used to access the internet in the US on that date. I insisted that this was impossible, that I have NO access to the internet with my phone and never have had. She asked if someone else may have used my phone and gotten on the internet with it without my knowledge. I repeated that I had NO ACCESS to the internet with my phone, that I always get that scary “Forbidden” screen if ever I tried. She said that because I was in the US, their systems are different, so I may have gotten a screen asking which internet provider I wanted to use, then I would have been able to get on. I countered with the fact that I did not do that, I had never seen such a screen, and why would I even try, because I KNOW that I have NO access to the internet with my phone and never have had. She went back to someone else using my phone. I said that I always had my phone with me, so that could not have happened, and besides, my travelling companion had his own phone.

We went back and forth like this for a while, strangely remaining calm and polite with one another (well, strange for me, at least). I finally told her to check my records, that I have NEVER had a data plan or accessed the internet with my phone, and that while I had indeed purchased a US roaming package for my phone before leaving on my trip, it was only voice and texting, not data. If I would have wanted to get on the internet while I was away, why wouldn’t I have purchased a roaming data plan, too? That just didn’t make sense. Also, I was hoping that she could see in my records that I have been a loyal customer of this company for ten years, and I have never had any issues before nor have I caused them any problems.

She offered that I only pay half the money for that roaming data.

I replied that although I appreciated the offer, I still didn’t think that I should pay any of it, because as I had already explained, not only did I not use the internet with my phone in the US, I was not even ABLE to do so with my phone.

She waived the money, “this one time only”. I thanked her sincerely.

And then I changed my monthly mobile phone plan. That was way easier.