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And now for the weather …

It’s been snowing in the Vancouver area for two days non-stop. This is weird for a number of reasons.

It’s Vancouver! We are the temperate part of Canada. We don’t have what people think of as “Canadian” winters: snow and ice and below zero temperatures for six months of the year. We have rain and grey skies and temperatures average something like 7 degrees C for maybe two months. Our weather really is different out here on the West Coast! Honest!

2. photo 3
It’s February, people. I know, I know – most of the country doesn’t see any real signs of spring till May or something, but I refer you back to number 1: it’s Vancouver ! My tulips and daffodils poked their leafy green heads out of the ground weeks ago and now they’re pretty much covered in snow. See? What if they don’t bloom now till MARCH?!

This snowfall was actually predicted by our local meteorologists. Yes. Even the weather on my iPhone, which is often WAAAAAY off, said that there would be snow pretty much all day and night on Saturday and Sunday. PG didn’t believe those weather reports. I did. I don’t know if that makes me the better person, but hey, who doesn’t like to be right?!

I don’t really have a number 4, but I do have some photos of my snowy backyard. Look at all the snow – there’s about a 10-15 cm accumulation!photo 1 photo 2 photo 4

No number 5 either – just a calm assurance that tomorrow it will probably rain and start to wash away all that fluffy white stuff and then we’ll have major slushy grossness for a week. Again, go back to number 1: it’s Vancouver, people!



As I type this, it’s snowing out quite hard. Again, the weather people seem to have gotten it right: they’ve correctly predicted that it would snow copiously starting this evening, then by mid-morning tomorrow, they are antipating that the temperature will rise and it will turn to rain and all will be well and normal here on the Wet Coast.

So we Vancouverites can’t say we didn’t know. We have time to prepare. It looks like the morning rush tomorrow just might be terrible, so we can all plan ahead. We’ll need to allow for extra time for our commute to work tomorrow, or we’ll need to make alternate arrangements like taking the bus or having a colleague with a 4 x 4 pick us up and drive us in.

After my last experience with snow, where I couldn’t get out of my unploughed, hilly driveway to even get to work, I am now as prepared as I can possibly be. My snow tires are on my car, I’ve salted in front of my garage so I’ll be able to get a better grip when backing out, I hope. My winter boots and ski gloves are ready and waiting.

I’ve also booked the day off tomorrow.

(I have a doctor’s appointment. Really!)


This is a first for me.

As you may or may not know, the Vancouver area was hit by a snowfall last Friday night. As you may or may not know, another snowfall is currently blanketing us today, Thursday. Both were predicted, so we should have all been prepared.

Now, my car came with all-season tires. After Snowmageddon in 2008, I bought snow tires. I didn’t buy new rims at that time, choosing instead to pay 150$ to have the snowies installed on my regular rims, then 150$ to have the all-seasons re-installed on my regular rims, then 150$ to have the snowies re-installed … well, you get the idea. And so did I, when I realized that it would be more cost-effective to buy dedicated rims for the snow tires. PG could then change the tires for me when the seasons changed, taking maybe half an hour and costing me maybe a dinner each time. That’s easy to handle, so that was the plan.

The rims were purchased two weeks ago. I had them sandblasted and powder-coated. This apparently takes a while to cure, as the actual powder coating was performed a few days ago. The snowies are currently sitting at PG’s warehouse. The rims and the snowies have not yet met, nor have they been installed upon my car, obviously.

This morning, I was unable to make it up the hilly driveway that I share with a number of other people. I had watched many of those people get successfully up that incline, so I was pretty confident that, with my all-seasons and traction control, I would eventually make it.

I didn’t.

I couldn’t even get going enough to get my damn car back in the garage. Not even with two people helping to push. I’ve had to leave my poor car down at the very bottom of the driveway, in a no parking zone, partially blocking access to someone’s garage. I literally could not get the car to go anywhere, except backwards downhill.

So I couldn’t go to work. I have to take a snow day. Not that that’s a huge problem in the grand scheme of things, of course, but that has never happened to me in thirty years of teaching. I have always been able to get to work, unless the schools were closed due to snow, which has happened maybe twice in all that time. Any other time that weather conditions have been so bad that I couldn’t get out (like Snowmaggedon 2008), I didn’t have to go to work anyway, so I didn’t care. But it’s all caught up to me now, just because I didn’t plan the snow tire thing early enough.

Yes, I am now officially “one of those people”. The dumb ones. The ones who get stuck in the snow because they don’t have snow tires on.

You may now laugh at me.