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So daylight savings has been in effect for three whole days.

And on each of those three days, I have woken up almost an hour later than normal, in a panic to get ready and out the door to get to work on time. When my alarm goes, I am simply rolling over, turning it off, then carrying on sleeping.

PLUS I have been going to bed at least an hour earlier each night. For some reason, I am exhausted rather early in the evening, so rather than fighting it, I am just going to bed. So technically, since daylight savings started, I am sleeping an extra two hours a night … but I’m still way tired way earlier than normal.

What is going on here??? Is this another stupid menopausal thing? Is it because of the time change? Is it going to last forever, this needing two more hours of sleep a night? Whatever it is, I don’t like it! I want my regular sleeping pattern back!
(Mind you, Spring Break begins next week, so it really won’t matter how much or how little sleeping I do – and I’ll have two weeks to do it whenever I want.)



I may have mentioned this once or twice, but I love me a good sleep. I am most emphatically NOT an early riser. I do not function well on only a few hours of sleep a night. I need my rest, at least eight hours every night, and often more. I really love to sleep.

And that’s why this daylight savings crap has kicked me hard in the butt. I have lost an hour’s sleep. Yes, yes, I know I will get it back in the fall, but right now, I am struggling. I simply cannot get enough sleep at the moment.

Since Sunday, when the clocks were put forward an hour, I have been tired. I had a nap on Sunday afternoon (well, okay, I have to admit that I’d had a couple of drinks at lunch, but still …) and I went to bed a bit earlier than usual. I slept pretty well, but was it ever tough to get up in the morning! Monday night, same thing: a bit of a nap in front of the TV, then early to bed, and a good sleep. Tuesday, it was again ridiculously hard to rouse myself in the morning. That night, I again hit the bed early and had another good sleep. This morning, I again had to claw my way to wakefulness with every bit of mental strength I possess … almost.

Surely I should have adjusted by now? It’s not like this is the first time I have ever experienced daylight savings time. In fact, because of my – ahem – advanced age and recent difficulties in sleeping the entire night, losing an hour should be a piece of cake and hardly noticeable at all. But it’s not. I’m finding it more of a challenge than ever this year.

I can only assume that my body has decided to go into Spring Break Savings mode. Spring Break actually starts next week in my school district, but my body has decided that in order to prepare for the extra sleeping time I’m going to get then, it has to start training now.

It’s always good to be prepared.

Save the daylight!

We just went back to standard time in Canada this morning at 2 a.m. Except the province of Saskatchewan. They don’t do daylight savings time, so they don’t ever have to go back to standard time. They don’t ever have the “fun” of changing every single bloody clock in the house twice a year – and the clocks in the cars, too.

We now have Daylight Savings Time in Canada for most of the year. As of 2007, we now start Daylight Savings on the first Sunday of March and go back to Standard Time on the first Sunday of November. This was an extension of four weeks over the usual amount of time in 2007, and an extension of five weeks this year. That means that we are now on Fake Time for longer than we are on Real Time: eight months of FT as opposed to four months of RT. And for what reason???

I know, I know, it was originally a way to get more daylight hours into the working day, and then it became a way to save energy because we would presumably need less electricity for lighting due to all that natural light. But I don’t know about all that now. I mean, a lot of us work indoors and in offices now, so we need to turn the lights on anyway because either we don’t have windows or those we do have don’t provide enough natural light in which to work. Outdoor workers may benefit, but I’m not one of them so I can’t speak for them and they’ll just have to speak for themselves.

It also seems to me that we’re not truly “saving” any daylight, that we’re simply moving it around a bit, to the opposite end of the day. As a kid, I absolutely hated going to bed in the summer while it was still light out, even though the clock showed eight o’clock, which was my bedtime. As an adult , I hate waking up in the dark in the winter, despite the time on the clock. (To be fair, I hate waking up at any time, winter or summer, so I guess that’s a poor example, isn’t it?)

But most of all, I hate changing all those damn clocks. And I had one more to do this time: my new coffee-maker. Yes, yet another broken appliance, but this one got replaced right smartly. I do have priorities, after all.