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Exotic dancing

I went to the gym today for the first time in like three weeks. What with Christmas and my birthday and all that eating and drinking and socializing and stuff, I just couldn’t find the time to go. My gym also isn’t open in the evenings or on Saturday afternoons or on Sundays at all (Yeah, right! Like I’d actually go during any of those times!).

In my defense, though, PG did get me some weights for Christmas, so I’ve been trying to keep up my arm strength at least … ah, who am I kidding??? I’ve used those weights exactly three times since Christmas Day. Any arm strength I have is probably long gone by now!

Anyway, so there I was at my gym this afternoon, doing my usual circuit. And it actually wasn’t too bad. I didn’t feel like I’d lost TOO much, and I wasn’t actively attempting to take it easy, I was just doing my normal workout.

I was about halfway done when I noticed something interesting on my workout top. This particular top has a small pocket pretty much right on top of my left breast. The pocket has a little zipper. And as I was jogging in place, waiting to go on my next machine, I realized the the zipper tag was swinging joyfully, right about where my left nipple was.

And where did my mind immediately go? And what did I immediately do once the thought formed? I spoke out loud, of course.

“Hey, it looks like I have a tassel on my nipple! I feel like a stripper!”

The other women around me looked at me and burst into laughter, as did I. Then another thought popped into my head and out of my mouth: “I wonder if I can get my tassel here to swing around in a circle like real strippers do?”

images-2No. Despite a great deal of effort, no, I can’t.

Maybe I was laughing too hard?


A weighty thought

I have been a member of my gym for almost two years now. It’s a women’s-only gym, which I prefer, and it’s small and friendly. It’s close enough to my home that I can walk there in about ten minutes. I like the machines they have, and by now, I’m quite proficient at going through the circuit. They are starting to offer more and more classes – you know, “Butts and bellies”, Zumba fitness, weight loss seminars and the like – and although I’m not especially interested in that stuff, I can usually work around it. They do close rather early in the evenings, and aren’t open on Saturday afternoons, Sundays or stat holidays, but again, I can usually work around that, too.

So basically, I like my gym and I like my work-out.

Late this afternoon, I was merrily lifting and pushing and twisting and bending my way around the circuit at the gym. There were only three other women there, so I could pretty much go at my own pace. The two closest to me were having their own animated conversation, and the third was way over on the other side of the room, so I didn’t even have to make polite small talk with anybody. I could just do my work-out and go home for dinner. I like that, especially when I’ve been at work and around people all day (yes, contrary to the opinions of many, small kids are people too!).

At one point, though, I looked around at the three other women in the room. I realized that they were all about my age. And they were all noticeably overweight. Well, I thought, I may not be perfect in the body department, and I certainly have my “trouble” spots, but I’m not that overweight. Still, here we all are, working out.

I started to think about some of the other women that I’ve noticed in the gym over the past two years. The vast majority are middle-aged, chunky women. The rest are mostly senior women of varying body types, with a few younger women also of varying body types. Yet, here we all are, working out.

And then I had a question. With all this regular working out, shouldn’t the middle-aged chunky women be getting less chunky? Isn’t that one of the goals of exercise, to slim down? So, why isn’t this happening for a lot of these women I’m noticing?

Now I’m wondering if maybe regular exercise doesn’t actually help with weight loss. I mean, at my gym, I haven’t exactly seen much evidence that it does. Are we all just wasting our time and money then?

I just don’t know. I’m going to have to ponder this for a while. I’ll just go fix myself a rum and coke and maybe grab some chips and dip while I think about this …

Let’s get physical …

I’m not spending a whole lot of my time exercising lately. Okay, I gave up on running, but there’s still power walking, the machine circuit at the gym and Pilates. And there are seven days each week to fit those activities in.

Last week? I went to Pilates once. I went for two serious walks. That’s three sessions of exercise in seven days. Not good enough, not at my age and with my – uh – particular eating and drinking habits. No, I’m not a big fat lush who lays on the couch watching reality TV and stuffing my face with Cheezies and washing them down with the cheapest red wine in the liquor store. But I do have a wonky back that requires regular care and strengthening, and I do have a genetic predisposition to get a little chunky. Also, I’m not 25 any more, so I can’t get away with abusing my body like I used to.

Thing is, I was SOOOO good at building exercise into my daily life not that long ago. I packed my exercise clothes in my car most mornings and stopped at the gym for a workout before heading home at the end of the day. If I didn’t do that, as soon as my dinner digested in the evening, I threw my runners on my feet and headed out for a walk of at least 45 minutes, either solo or with DD. Some days I had the energy for both. Some evenings at home, I attempted real push-ups. I got a little better at them, but I never really got as good as I wanted to be. When I joined the Pilates class, I was thrilled to have more variety in my exercise regime, and looked forward to it every week. I worked very hard at the Pilates moves, and I’m pleased to say that I could tell that my body was getting stronger.

So what’s happened?

I still love Pilates and I still work hard at it. The problem there is the long layoff between sessions. We had five weeks off between the previous session and the one that started two weeks ago. That’s an awful long time. I lost a lot of the ability and strength that I had gained since starting Pilates classes back in September. And I don’t really know it well enough to feel competent doing some of the movements at home on my own. So I didn’t. So I’m back, not quite to square one, but maybe square three. Discouraging. But I’ll build myself up again – and lose everything again during the lengthy summer layoff, no doubt.

I haven’t tried doing push-ups for months now. I kinda forgot about them, to tell you the truth. I would still like to be able to do a couple of man push-ups. But I never will if I never try. I’ve got to get back on that. Tonight, maybe?

Walking is still something I enjoy, but life just seems to get in the way. It’s been a difficult year in some ways, what with work-related things like the BC teachers fight against the government and personal things like my mom’s recent stroke. More often than not, I simply don’t have the energy to do some power walking after a long day. Maybe now that the weather is getting warmer and it’s not dark out so early?

I don’t know how to deal with my gym, though. Doing the various machines is fine, once I actually get to the gym. The problem for me is that they’ve started offering more and more classes, like Zumba or “Tush and Tummy”. My gym is small, so whenever there is a class on, the machines are unavailable because the class is right in the middle of the room where the machines are. They seem to be scheduling the classes mostly at 4 or 4:30 in the afternoon, which is right about when I want to be there, working out. On the machines. At my own pace. I do not WANT to do Zumba or “Tush and Tummy”. I want to do the MACHINES. That is why I joined this gym: for the MACHINES. I can do an exercise class in a thousand different locations, and I do just that, in fact, once a week when I attend my Pilates class. My gym also has rather absurd hours: something like 7 am to 6 pm five days a week. Open till about noon on Saturdays. Closed on Sundays. Because I work, there are only certain times that I can actually get to the gym, and they are making it rather difficult for me now, with all these stupid classes. Added to this is the fact that I really do LIKE this gym. It’s small, the people who work there are friendly and funny, it’s conveniently located, it’s not terribly expensive. I don’t want to change gyms, but I may have to.

Or I can just turn into a big fat lush laying on the couch watching reality TV, stuffing my face with Cheezies and washing them down with the cheapest red wine in the liquor store.

Well, not tonight. I’m going out for a power walk now. See you in a hour!