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My hair is just wavy and cow-licky enough to drive me nuts. It doesn’t flip properly or curl nicely or do anything I want it to do, so most days I flat iron the hell out of it. Then it looks better. I have a very thick head of hair so this takes me a while to do in the morning – sometimes ten whole minutes. But it’s worth it, as then I am nominally satisfied with my hair.

Until it rains. Then my entire head turns frizzy, as if I had just stuck my finger into a light socket. I live in a rather wet part of the world, so this happens a lot more than I would like. I have found some products that calm my frizzies down, but by no means are they completely eliminated – but that’s not what I wanted to write about.

Let’s get back to my flat iron, shall we?

I’m pretty much a ninja at using it by now. Yes, it may take those ten whole minutes, but if you saw the state of my hair some mornings, you would be amazed that I can do it that quickly.

Sometimes, however, I am a little too quick with my flat ironing technique, as I was Thursday morning. I flicked the flat iron just a bit too enthusiastically and ended up burning my face just underneath my right eyebrow. Not a big burn, but enough for me to howl something rude. And then a pale red burn mark was on my face. It wasn’t super-obvious ( I do have a fringe, after all), but it was a little tender to touch.

And then on Friday morning at work – after having very carefully flat ironed my hair at home – I was setting up for the day. I checked that the two laptop stations were ready to go for the kids who use them throughout the day by opening the laptops and ensuring that they were plugged in properly. One wasn’t, its power cord having detached and fallen to the floor behind the table on which the laptop is parked. It’s a bit awkward to get down behind there to pick up stuff, so I pulled the table out from the wall a bit as I bent down.

And I cracked my head on the corner of the open laptop, just under my right eyebrow, just about where I had burned myself the day before. Hurt like hell, it did. Again, there was a rude word or two, but fortunately it was only 8 a.m. so there were no kids around yet.

So now not only do I have that burn mark, but I also have a small purply bruise underneath my eyebrow. Almost a partial black eye. Plus I could have put my eye right out. Charming.

Do real ninjas ever have such issues, I wonder?


Me ‘n’ Buffy ‘n’ my laptop

I had a cold all weekend, so I stayed inside. All. Bloody. Weekend. Two. Whole. Days.

It was mostly pretty boring.

I did exciting things like not get dressed till 1 in the afternoon. I managed to get a bit of laundry and cleaning done too, but that was quite sporadic. I just didn’t have the energy. Besides, I was sneezing and blowing my nose every ten seconds or so, which definitely cut into any activity I tried to do.

Finally, I simply parked myself in front of my laptop to watch old episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I never watched that show when it was first broadcast in the late 1990s, and I don’t know why. Maybe because it was too teenage? Whatever the reason, I missed a good thing then, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the show now. It’s not so much the vampire part that I like (I am NOT a true vampire fan, not at all!), but it is all presented in quite an intelligent, logical manner, and there’s lots of clever humour and wordplay that I enjoy. The characters are believable, and from my vantage point of 50+ years on the planet, teenage behaviour hasn’t fundamentally changed a whole lot – even if said teenagers are fighting vampires every night.

Anyway, Buffy was on for seven seasons, so I have a lot of episodes to catch up on. I’d already downloaded episodes up to Season 3, and I finished those by Saturday evening. DD already had Seasons 4 to 7 on her laptop (which I’m not permitted to touch), so on Sunday, she uploaded them to my external hard drive so that I could transfer them to my laptop.

Unfortunately, I only got some of them transferred. My laptop apparently had no more storage space. I couldn’t transfer everything over, and I wanted to! I wanted it all on my laptop, not on my stupid external hard drive! I didn’t want to have to drag that thing out and plug it in every time I wanted a Buffy fix!

The solution? Upgrade my laptop’s hard drive. For this, DD’s boyfriend is quite useful: he’s a computer tech guy (I may have mentioned this in the past. I do sometimes have computer issues, you know.). He works mostly on PCs and is not that familiar with Macs, but he does have access to cheaper computer parts than I do. Parts like hard drives. He says that a 750GB hard drive will fit in my laptop, will only cost me just above 100$ plus tax, AND he can install it for me.

So tomorrow, my computer storage problem will be solved.

But when I run out of Buffy episodes, that may be a whole other problem.

The no-tech man

PG informed me a week or so ago that he thought he might like an iPod for Christmas.

I just about fell over, I was so astonished!

Okay, I was a little late getting to the MP3 party myself (like only two or three years ago, I think), but once I arrived, I embraced it fully and now own two iPods, an iPod dock, and have a built-in system in my car so that I can completely control the iPod through my car stereo buttons. I download free music with the best of them (this is legal in Canada, although not in a few other jurisdictions, I understand). I have packed away my CD player and CDs, to be brought out at my next eighties party, if I ever have one. I am digital, people!

But PG? Not so much.

This is a man who still uses his humongous speakers (and I do mean humongous. These suckers are the size of end tables. Remember when that’s what you had to buy to get good sound? Or maybe you don’t …) with his turntable and receiver from the eighties. Now, I know that it’s cool and retro to listen to records nowadays, but certainly not when said records and sound system are twenty-five-year-old originals and don’t actually work very well, if at all.

This is also a man who purchased a car stereo a few years ago, and when his significant other (hello!) suggested that he choose one with MP3 capabilities, dismissed such an idea as ridiculous. I have CDs, he proclaimed proudly. I do not have an iPod. I will use what I, in fact, own.

And again, this is a man who bought his first computer less than a year ago, from his significant other’s daughter, who was upgrading from an iBook G4 to a MacBook Pro. So he’s got the laptop, but no wireless router, so he can only use it at the table close to the cable outlet to which it is permanently tethered. He also has no printer, so if he is researching, say, something for his Porsche, he still must put pen to paper to record the information. How archaic! He has an email account, set up by his young niece, but he isn’t too sure how it all works, and has only ever sent about three emails in his life. He says he’d rather use the phone.

And the only reason he even has a mobile phone is that it was given to him ten years ago. (To give him credit, he has replaced that original mobile. Once.) He has no idea how to text, and when he has received texts, he doesn’t know how to access them anyway. Voice mail? Nope, he doesn’t have that either.

He still goes to the bank and stands in line for a teller in order to pay his bills. He has no interest in setting up billing online, or access to his bank accounts online. His significant other has offered to walk him through this, saying how much easier it is to function online, that it is possible to do your banking at 3 in the morning, in your jammies, if you so desire. He has declined this kind offer, saying that he would prefer to keep people working by using their services in person.

And this is the man who now thinks he might like an iPod for Christmas???

Too bad I already bought him something else.