Who am I?

In my mind, I’m about 25 years old, gorgeous, tall, thin, and independently wealthy. I have my whole life ahead of me, and every wonderful thing I’ve ever imagined is going to happen to me.

In reality, I’m a middle-aged single mom with a 28-year-old daughter (I call her Darling Daughter) who’s back in university and aiming for a career in law. I’m a French Immersion teacher and I live in a suburb of Vancouver, BC, Canada. I wish I could afford to live right in the city, but I don’t buy lottery tickets so I guess that dream’s going to stay a dream. I’m in a steady relationship with Porsche Guy (guess what he drives?), though we don’t live together. I love most things French (I would say all, but some of the things they eat in France are gross), travelling, reading, and writing. I also like a good time and a good laugh, and this blog is my way of keeping some of my quirkier life experiences for posterity. On the negative side, I’m crappy at Math, am not terribly punctual, and tend to always insist upon having my own way.

And my reality is actually pretty good, most of the time.


One response to “Who am I?

  1. Where have you been my darling sister? I am missing you and worried about your absence. Hope all is OK. If so inclined, drop me a line at ian_l@shaw.ca

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