Mistakes were made

Well. Further to yesterday’s post …

I psyched myself up and made yet another phone call to that other cable and internet company that had contacted the company I deal with to terminate my service. I HATE making phone calls at the best of times, and this one was no exception. I wasn’t sure what, if anything, they could tell me, and I wasn’t sure who I should even speak to – a regular service rep? A manager? Someone in the fraud department?

But the guy I spoke to (a regular rep) was very nice. He listened carefully to my story, allowed as to how this situation WAS quite odd, and asked my for my address. I gave it to him, and he put me on hold for just a few minutes while he checked their computer records. When he came back, he had two questions for me: what was my name, and did I live in a duplex?

So I told him my name and said I actually lived in a triplex. Ah, he replied, then this is what I think happened.

It seemed that they had indeed received a call on August 6 about switching service from my company to theirs – from one of my neighbours in the triplex. He couldn’t tell me which one, for security reasons, but he chuckled as he said, “Well, you know it wasn’t you, so that leaves only two other choices, doesn’t it?”

I laughed too, then he told me the rest of the likely scenario. Someone must have keyed in the wrong address, so it ended up being mine instead of that of the neighbour who actually wanted to change their cable and internet service. And although the real name and phone number would not have matched the address that they now had, no one would have necessarily checked that, because the company goes by the address first and foremost. He said theoretically they should always check to ensure that everything matches, but people being people, it didn’t happen this time. It was extremely unusual, but very possible, he said.

So basically, it really was a mistake that my service had been terminated, a mistake of one little number. I don’t know which service provider actually made the mistake, and honestly, it doesn’t matter now. It has been rectified, and I doubt that I would ever get any more information than I now have.

But now I wonder which neighbour it was and if they really DID get that change in the end. And how on earth would I bring that up in conversation over the back fence? “Oh, hi. Just wondering if you tried to change your internet provider recently – because you really screwed me around when you did! My service got cut off, not yours, so you just might want to check and see which company you have now …”

Nah, I’m going to let it go now. It’s enough to know that nobody is out to get me.

This time.


2 responses to “Mistakes were made

  1. Kind of a relief to know the reason, but still a pissoff.