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Let’s get the show on the road

imagesThis must be the longest move in the history of humans on this planet! DD is still not fully moved into her new place, and she has been paying for it since August 1st.

Okay, she was staying at a vacationing friend’s place to look after their dog for most of that first week of August. Okay, there was a lot of cleaning to be done in her newly-rented basement suite. Okay, the place is furnished, but still needed things like a coat rack, curtains on a couple of windows, and some better lightbulbs. Okay, she wanted to personalize it a bit more so she bought a bunch of things like area rugs and chair cushions and a new tablecloth. Okay, I wanted her to have her own new towels and bed linens.

Okay, but that’s all done now. All DD needs to do at this point is move in her clothes and personal stuff, and that is the part that is taking what seems like forever!

I guess I understand why she doesn’t seem to be in much of a hurry to complete the move. There’s a whole lot of newness coming her way very soon: living in her own space for the first time, getting to know a brand new neighbourhood, starting law school in two weeks. She’s somewhat of a procrastinator, but also an anxious sort, so I know she legitimately needs time to process all of this before it feels okay to her to move forward and embrace it all.

And I must admit that although I’m rather looking forward to living alone for the first time in a very long time, like any parent, I am a bit reluctant to see her go. It can be a fraught time for a parent, this offspring leaving the nest thing, but I’ve had SUCH a long lead-up to it that I’d like it DONE already! I want to get through my own adjustment period, which may or may not have its difficult (and teary) moments, and move on. I sense that I’m just a little more ready for this than DD is – but then, she is facing the bigger changes in her life, by far, so that makes perfect sense to me.

Still, come on, DD, let’s finish this. It’s supposed to be a moving DAY, not a moving MONTH. And I promise, you’ll end up quite happy once you’re totally in your apartment with all your own stuff, really!

Besides, I’m getting a little tired of doing the 45-minute drive with you there and back every day, to drop off just a few more items each time. I’ve got some serious Candy Crush to play, you know!