Just a few items …

So, what’s been going on with me lately (besides the fact that I haven’t been posting any blog entries)?

Well, for starters …

The water pump on my car died, leaving me stranded in the middle of an intersection trying to turn left. I eventually got the car started long enough to actually park it in the carpark that I was trying to get to. Later, I managed to limp home to my garage. I had to get the car towed to my dealership for the repairs – that was a first for me! And after four days of driving my mother’s car, my car was all fixed and I was 1200$ poorer. Yes, you read that right: the towing charge and the repair costs came out to just under 1200$! I had no idea that water pumps for BMWs were so spendy. Now my brakes are intermittently squeaky, and the service advisor told me that the best was to get rid of the squeaks for once and for all was to replace the brake pads and maybe the rotors. Uh – no thanks, not at this time. I’ll put up with the noise for now.

I decided that I wanted new glasses, despite the fact that I wear contacts all the time. I’ve just seen so many cool frames on so many different people, so I thought that I’d like to have the option to wear some nice glasses sometimes, particularly in the evenings after I remove the contacts for the night. Well, my optometrist informed me that I was now in progressive lens territory, and those can cost a fair bit. I found a pair of frames that I absolutely love, so I decided to go for it. That “fair bit” ended up being about 800$, which I didn’t really mind, because at least now I’ll have them for many years (my prescription hasn’t changed in like a decade, so I’m thinking positively!). But wow, am I ever having a time getting used to progressive lenses! I’m trying to wear them for a few hours each evening, and they’re so weird! I can’t seem to situate the frames in the correct spot on my nose so that the distance part of the lenses is right in front of my eyes, then when I figure that out, I have trouble finding the right area for close-up vision. Then I’m having issues with turning my head to look directly at whatever I want to actually see, because if I don’t, the image is kind-of wavy and distorted and a bit blurry. They did caution me that even with regular nightly attempts of at least several hours, that it would take me around two weeks to adjust, but I just don’t know. I intend to persevere, but I only have 60 days if I want to return them. I hope that’s long enough for me to get used to them!

DD had her 28th birthday early this month, and to celebrate, I booked a downtown hotel room for us one Friday night and then I took her shopping for clothes – her birthday present from me – on Saturday. We had a blast, as usual, and she was quite satisfied with all the clothes she chose. Except for the shoes. She only got two pairs. Apparently ALL her shoes are in tatters, so really, she needs more than just two pairs. And a new bag for her laptop. She REALLY needs one of those, as her current one is also in tatters and she’s afraid her laptop will one day fall out of it. But the one she REALLY wants is from an American on-line shop, and the shipping charge to Canada is almost more than the cost of the bag, so she hasn’t ordered it. I guess she was hoping I would?

DD got her first year law exam marks back. She did well – I think. She’s a little disappointed, because she was hoping to do even better, but realistically, she said she scored pretty much where she thought she’d be. However, she had to defer one of her exams because she was so sick the day she was supposed to write it at the end of April, so she’ll be writing that one in July and still has a chance to increase her GPA. She tells me that even these first year marks are extremely important for her future standing in terms of articling offers from big law firms upon graduation, so she’s quite motivated. Okay, DD – go forth and study!

DD also got one of the summer jobs that she applied for – the one that is located at her university and was apparently quite coveted by many law students. It wasn’t the one that paid the most of all the jobs she applied for, but it seems to be the one with the most cachet, something that she can proudly add to her résumé. I’m so happy for her, because over the past four years, she’d applied for SO many jobs and had SO many interviews, but she was never hired. She was frequently told that she was the “back-up” candidate for the job, meaning that she was well-qualified, but someone else had a little something extra, so if that someone else turned the job down, it would be offered to DD. Unfortunately, that never happened. But she’s now making decent money for the whole summer – along with taking one course. She’ll be busy, but she’s happier when she has a lot to do. And when she’s happy, I’m happy (it’s a mom thing!).

And recently, I’ve developed some pain in my left shoulder. It’s starting to feel the way my right shoulder felt two years ago before I had countless hours of chiropractic treatments and therapeutic massage and dry needling to help it move without pain again: it’s always stiff and painful to lift my left arm out to the side, it hurts big-time to do a yoga plank, and sometimes, when I’m not doing much of anything, it’s just plain achy. I’m getting concerned, and I don’t want to leave it so that it gets as hurty as the right shoulder eventually did. So I have made an appointment with the physiotherapist who helped me so much with the dry needling back then. Unfortunately, she can’t see me and my sore shoulder for another two weeks. I guess a lot of other people think she’s good, too. So I’ve cut way down on working out on the machines at my gym and I’m trying to regularly do a few of the exercises that she gave me to do last time. I just don’t understand why this shoulder thing is happening again. PG says it’s how I sleep. I say, don’t you worry about how I sleep, Mr Salmon-swimming-upstream-in-his-sleep!

Yep, that’s some of what I’ve been doing when I’ve not been writing here.

Now, aren’t you glad you know???


4 responses to “Just a few items …

  1. Hate, hate, hate, progressive lenses. Biggest waste of money for me.
    Stories like this make me glad I don’t have a ‘luxury’ car.
    And I am so glad to not be writing resumes and searching for a career job. Hope this one is all DD hoped for.

    • The jury’s still out on the progressives over here … but I can certainly see why you would hate them! I may end up on your side, but I’m reserving judgement till I get them better adjusted to fit on my nose.

  2. The curse of import cars. The parts and servicing are so costly. I know. We have two of them. And I bet you look tres chic in specs. I just bet.

    • Oh, thank you! I actually think I look très chic too – but I also think I have to go in and get the damn things adjusted. I just don’t like where they sit on my nose, and I’m not sure that the distance part of the lenses is in the right place for me. I keep having to tuck my chin down and look up a bit to see clearly, and that doesn’t seem right.

      And yeah, import cars. Why would a water pump break in a six-year-old “luxury” car anyway???