Mmm, mmm, ha ha

Actual quote from the writing of one of my students this morning:

“I like pigs because they are funny and tasty.”

… uh … at the same time … ?

7 responses to “Mmm, mmm, ha ha

  1. Well, I think pigs are cute and tasty so…

    • But are they cute and tasty all at the same time? That’s what I just can’t figure out!

      • Hmm, well when they’re tasty they don’t look much like pig any more. I can’t say I’ve ever thought of a piece of bacon as being particularly cute. Definitely tasty though! 😀

  2. C’mon, the kid is totally right. They’re cute, and funny and eventually tasty. Talk about the ultimate recycling!

    • That’s true, but what the kid actually wrote implied that pigs are funny and tasty at the same damn time. How would that even work?!?

  3. All sorts of thoughts entered my head but I don’t think I’ll elaborate on them.