Home stay

My two-week Spring Break is just about over. Only four more sleeps – and two of those will be weekend sleeps, so they don’t really count as vacation time.
Obviously I didn’t go away anywhere. I haven’t been away during Spring Break for years. I believe the last time was when DD was 6 or 7 and her dad and I took her to Palm Springs. Or maybe it was Disneyland. I don’t quite remember which trip was which. DD is now 27, so it was more than a few years ago, and I am also of an age where I don’t always remember everything perfectly.

Anyway, at the time, I recall thinking, Hey! This going away on vacation for Spring Break thing is cool! It’s pretty nice to go somewhere mid-year and possibly come home with a tan! So what if everyone else on the block is doing the same thing and everywhere you go is full of tourists? So what if the airlines and hotels jack up the prices for the entire month of March? I like this!

But somehow, I’ve never done it again.

It’s not like I totally waste my two weeks off, though. I usually am fairly busy: last year I painted a bunch of walls in my house, the year before that I had my kitchen redone, and the year before that I was mostly at the hospital with my mom who’d had a small stroke. This year, my Spring Break ended up having quite a health and wellness focus, what with all those small issues and the resulting medical appointments I’ve had recently. But I’ve still relaxed a lot, had some fun, and recharged my batteries. I’ve taken care of myself these two weeks, and I’ll be ready to face the working world again with energy and enthusiasm come Monday morning.

But I’ll also be feeling kind-of down come Monday morning- not because I’ll be back to work, but because I won’t have any amusing little holiday stories to share. What could I actually say? “This funny thing happened while I was at the doctor’s office last week …” really doesn’t have the same appeal as “You’ll never believe who we saw when we were having dinner at this cute little cantina we found near the beach in Puerto Vallarta!”

You know what? I’d REALLY like to go away next year for Spring Break, if only just for the story-telling possibilities!


4 responses to “Home stay

  1. But, with some of the ‘issues’ you’ve had of late it was probably better that you just chilled.

    • Yeah, it all worked out the way it was meant to, you’re right. I had the time to deal properly with a lot of nagging health issues – and a few surprises too! But now I’m good – and totally in the mood for a vacation!

  2. Just the thought of 2 weeks of in spring – ok, winter here – is enough to make me drool.

    • If memory serves, aren’t you one of those people who usually fly off to the warmer climes of California sometime around late January or February? Didn’t you go this year? With the weather you’ve had this winter, you should have MOVED there!