Happy something

I don’t know whether to write Happy Valentine’s Day or Happy Spring, but look what just popped up in one of my flower boxes:

It’s not a heart for Valentine’s Day, but despite today’s date, it IS daffodils in bloom, those happy little harbingers of Spring.

(Sorry, all you Easterners!)


8 responses to “Happy something

  1. Are you freaking kidding me? It’s -25 this morning! Sorry. As if.

  2. Yay daffodils! Nothing like that here yet.

    • I don’t recall ever having daffodils quite so early before, but we have recently had several weeks of temps well above 10˚C, so I suppose spring flowers will appear when that happens. It’s pretty nice, I must say!

  3. Sucks to live in the east. I’ve always felt that.

    • Though I’ve never lived anywhere else than balmy BC, and I’ve never wanted to, I generally agree with you that living back East sucks. Mostly in the winter. And also in the summer.

  4. Are you really sorry? Really? You’re not feeling just the tiniest bit smug?
    We have an arctic chill on the way. Wind chills of -40ºC.

    • Okay, okay, I am more smug than sorry. Don’t hate me because I live in the Vancouver area … blame my parents (who moved here from the prairies, like any sensible people would)!