Ya don’t ask, ya don’t get

Remember that tree of mine that came down in the windstorm last December? The one that I really, really, really wanted to keep? The one that my strata council decided couldn’t be saved and so they sent a company in to cut it down and remove it, but they left the stump?

Yeah, that tree.

I was upset, so I emailed the strata council and told them so. I requested that they get someone in to remove the stump, because that’s just stupid and half-assed to take down a tree and leave the stump. Who wants a bloody stump in their garden, taking up space so nothing else can be planted there? I also asked them to pony up and replace the tree, since it was original to this place when it was built in 1998. I didn’t plant it nor did the previous owners, it was the original developers who had their landscapers put it in, so I reasoned that it was the responsibility of the council to replace it, not mine. In fact, I also asked them to replace another tree that they had removed from my garden a few years ago, a tree that was doing just fine till one day it was just gone and I never knew why. The stump was left in the dirt then, too, so I asked for that one to be taken out along with this latest one.

I finally got a response from the strata council:


Although this letter isn’t explicitly definitive (“arrangements will be made to have the tree stump removed” and “possible tree replacement”), it does look very much like I’m going to get what I want.

I’m okay with that for now. They’d just better follow through on this in the spring, because if they don’t, I will NOT be okay with THAT.


2 responses to “Ya don’t ask, ya don’t get

  1. Squeaky wheel getting the grease and all that. Good for you in making your rightful demands.