No tears!

brown-eyesYay! I apparently do not have a retinal tear or detachment or anything wrong with my right eye … well, other than the continuing floaters and the occasional flash of light and the slightly blurry spot that also seems to be a floater. Yeah, other than that, I’m great!

I had my appointment with the retinal specialist today. My friend Meshka drove me there, as I was told that I would need to be driven due to the dilating drops that would be put in my eyes for the photos. I was also told to allow between 1 and 3 hours for the appointment. Both seemed excessive to me. I mean, when I visited my regular ophthalmologist last week, I’d had dilating drops and I was able to drive home AND that appointment was under an hour long. What could they possibly do to me here that would take up to 3 hours?

But I was wrong. The drops were much more blurry-making than those I’d had before, and I couldn’t see clearly for almost 5 hours afterward. There really was no way I would have been able to drive, unless I hung around the specialist’s office for that long, I suppose. And although I wasn’t there for the whole 3 hours, I was there for an hour and a half.

Unfortunately, Meshka couldn’t take me home again, as she had a meeting to attend a couple of hours after my appointment was scheduled, so since I really didn’t know how long I would be there, I arranged for PG to come get me. Meshka did stay with me for the first 45 minutes or so, though, marveling at how very big my pupils were, reading me the newspaper that I couldn’t see properly, and generally distracting me with gossip and funny stories. I was a little nervous, so I really appreciated her being there with me.

Anyway, I had two different kinds of drops put in my eyes, and had three different machines take images of the backs of my eyes. Then the doctor examined all the images and my eyes, pretty much the same way my ophthalmologist had previously done. He added one more exciting examination, however, where he pressed upon a few places in my eyeball with a Q-tip while having me look in different directions. THAT was interesting! It didn’t hurt, though, I just felt this weird pressure. I think the second set of drops must have numbed my eyes or something.

Anyway, he pronounced my eyes quite perfect (other than my nearsightedness, of course, which he had the diplomacy and grace to not mention). He said there was no sign of any retinal tear, but there was a small chance that it could still happen, so he wants to see me again for a re-examination in six weeks. He also told me that since this had happened in the one eye, it was quite likely that it would happen in the other, but not to worry too much about it. He gave me an information sheet so I would know what to look for and when to contact either my ophthalmologist or his office again. He also reassured me that all those floaters would very likely dissipate within about four months – or at least become much less of a bother. I’ve already noticed that happening: I already do have fewer of them, and those are smaller and a bit easier to ignore.

I walked out of the office feeling pretty darn good, I must say! I didn’t even mind waiting half an hour for PG’s arrival, either: it was a nice sunny day, not very cold outside, and my right eye didn’t have any retinal damage … not bad for a Wednesday afternoon!


5 responses to “No tears!

  1. And of course that should have read congratulations. I blame the floaters.

    • Yeah, you’d think by now that medical science would have come up with a way to easily and permanently eliminate the suckers, since most of us get them as we age. But no, all those scientists have spent all their time and money on developing Viagra instead …

  2. Congratuations. I hate those floaters – annoying as hell. Ah, the joys of getting older.

  3. Hooray! Excellent news 🙂