Exotic dancing

I went to the gym today for the first time in like three weeks. What with Christmas and my birthday and all that eating and drinking and socializing and stuff, I just couldn’t find the time to go. My gym also isn’t open in the evenings or on Saturday afternoons or on Sundays at all (Yeah, right! Like I’d actually go during any of those times!).

In my defense, though, PG did get me some weights for Christmas, so I’ve been trying to keep up my arm strength at least … ah, who am I kidding??? I’ve used those weights exactly three times since Christmas Day. Any arm strength I have is probably long gone by now!

Anyway, so there I was at my gym this afternoon, doing my usual circuit. And it actually wasn’t too bad. I didn’t feel like I’d lost TOO much, and I wasn’t actively attempting to take it easy, I was just doing my normal workout.

I was about halfway done when I noticed something interesting on my workout top. This particular top has a small pocket pretty much right on top of my left breast. The pocket has a little zipper. And as I was jogging in place, waiting to go on my next machine, I realized the the zipper tag was swinging joyfully, right about where my left nipple was.

And where did my mind immediately go? And what did I immediately do once the thought formed? I spoke out loud, of course.

“Hey, it looks like I have a tassel on my nipple! I feel like a stripper!”

The other women around me looked at me and burst into laughter, as did I. Then another thought popped into my head and out of my mouth: “I wonder if I can get my tassel here to swing around in a circle like real strippers do?”

images-2No. Despite a great deal of effort, no, I can’t.

Maybe I was laughing too hard?


5 responses to “Exotic dancing

  1. That’s an interesting image right there!

  2. Maybe I should be ashamed of myself but I’d like to have seen that, Miss Tempest Storm