Getting flamed

small_flame_by_carellanerinochan-d5bekeoSo yesterday I set myself on fire.

As you do.

Oh, it ended up being nothing serious, but hey, it SO could have been!

I was lighting some candles, which is an obsession of mine at the best of times but much worse during the Christmas season. It was just DD and I for a very simple dinner, as we have both been eating (and drinking) pretty much non-stop for about 10 days now and we just couldn’t stomach anything rich or elaborate. But I had to have my candles, so I lit the four fat Christmas centrepiece candles, the two votives in their sparkly holders over in the corner, and the scented votive in the less sparkly but still pretty container that PG’s young niece made for me in pottery class almost ten years ago. Beside that is yet another Christmas candle holder, in the form of a lantern. You have to open the door at the back to light the candle in there, so that’s what I did, taking out the candle inside so I could light it more easily with my long-necked lighter.

I was just standing there at the table, lighting that last candle, when it occurred to me that I was wearing a scarf and that I was actually standing pretty close to the already lit votive in the pottery container from PG’s niece. I distinctly recall thinking that I’d better be very careful, because the tassles on my scarf could so very easily catch on fire, and then … sniff, sniff? What’s that smell?

I looked down, and sure enough, the tassles on my scarf were glowing. They weren’t exactly flaming, but they were definitely on fire. I stepped back, dropped the lighter, and with my bare hand, I quickly snuffed out the budding scarf-fire. Then I replaced the lit candle that I was still holding in my other hand back into the lantern, and put away the lighter.

My scarf wasn’t really damaged, nor was I, so I thought no more about it and went back to my cooking.

As you do.

imagesSo I suppose my New Year’s resolutions should include something about not setting myself on fire ever again, shouldn’t they?

Happy 2015, everyone!


4 responses to “Getting flamed

  1. Scarves. I pretty much stopped wearing them for show when I passed one through the office shredder. I was wearing it at the time.

    • Ooooh – that doesn’t sound like it was fun. I fully understand why you wouldn’t ever wear a scarf again after that! Again, ooooooh!

  2. Could have been much worse. I am so happy it wasn’t. Happy New Year, dear friend.