It’s my birthday today. Number 57. I don’t especially like that number, but it’s better than the alternative, for sure!

DD came home for Christmas week yesterday, and this morning, she wanted to take me out for breakfast. We walked over to my favourite local breakfast place, only to find a notice on the door thanking their loyal customers for their patronage, but sadly informing them that the restaurant was closing down as of December 21.

We missed it by two days.

We went to Choice #2. They had a seniors’ menu, for those 55 and up. I was too embarrassed to choose any of those items, so I picked the eggs benedict. It was ginormous. I ate it all, but I wished I hadn’t. I felt quite uncomfortable most of the day. I would have been only momentarily embarrassed to order something from the seniors’ menu, but that wouldn’t have lasted most of the day. Poor decision on my part.

It was pouring rain out this morning. I discovered that my boots leak. My feet were absolutely sodden by the time we got home. And cold. I need to do something about that.

DD got me a bagful of bubble bars from Lush. I love those things! They smell good and I love having bubble baths. She also got me a year-long subscription to a home decorating magazine. I’ve been asking for that for two or three years. Finally SOMEONE decided to get it for me. I think a year’s subscription is something like 35$, which is pretty cheap for a birthday gift that I really, really wanted. Thank you, DD!

PG had already texted me early in the morning. My friend D stopped by the house after we got home from breakfast with a small gift for me. My friend Meshka called to wish me a happy birthday, saying that she had a little present for me too, and she’d stop by maybe tomorrow. My brother texted me happy birthday. PG’s nephew texted me too.

In the evening, my mom took DD and I out for dinner. We went to a new place that none of us had tried before. I really enjoyed my dinner. DD pronounced hers “okay”. My mom didn’t enjoy hers much at all, but said it was her own fault for ordering it. I felt responsible, as I’d chosen the restaurant. She told me not to worry, and gave me a lovely card with a gift card to the liquor store in it. (How well my mother knows me!). But I have no idea how much money is on the card. It’s not printed on the card, nor did she write it on the envelope it came in.

PG had taken me out for another birthday dinner last weekend, but he refused to give me my present then , insisting that I could only get it on my birthday. I told him that my mom was taking me out that night, but we’d be going fairly early, so I’d text him when we were on our way home after dropping my mom off at her condo. Which I did tonight. To which he replied that he was currently eating dinner, so he’d be over in about an hour and a half. Which would make it close to 9 pm. And he has to work tomorrow morning, half a day.

I texted him back, questioning the wisdom of this plan of his. So now he’s decided he’s not coming over, so I’m not seeing him or getting my present from him tonight. I think he really should have given it to me on the weekend. But I already know what it is, because I bought it myself, then asked him if he’d like to give it to me for my birthday. He said sure, so I brought it to him so he could wrap it up and he gave me the money for it. It’s a Lululemon hoodie. I already have one, but of course I need another in a different colour. But I won’t get it till maybe Christmas Day now. Good thing I wasn’t planning on wearing it to the open house of a friend that I’m attending tomorrow, on Christmas Eve.

I didn’t even have a birthday cake today. I did have a birthday B52 coffee, however. I must say that was way better than cake.

You know, my birthdays sure are a lot less exciting than they used to be.images


6 responses to “Birthday

  1. Happy belated birthday, and a very merry Christmas to you.

  2. I’m with you on not taking seniors’ discounts. Anyway, Happy birthday dear sister. I try to ignore them but am grateful I’m still having them.

    • Thanks, Ian 🙂 I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed my birthday – except, in recent years, for that pesky, ever-increasing number! But as you say, ya gotta be grateful to still be having birthdays, whatever that number is.

  3. Happy Birthday!!
    I’m following right behind you – BUT, I am never too embarrassed to ask for a senior’s menu. Though, come to think of it, I haven’t actually done that yet, so who knows….
    I have felt slightly put out if I ask about the senior’s age limit and no one questions me when I take the discount.