Slightly boxed in

In my living room, I have two loveseats that date from the 1980s. They are mostly navy blue with a pink (of course!) floral pattern. There are matching throw cushions. They are kinda too low for comfortable sitting – and certainly too low for comfortable getting in and out of. They are actually in pretty good shape, being nearly 30 years old and all, but it’s time for them to go.

I’ve been hemming and hawwing about this for a couple of years, at least. I know I want two new loveseats, because that’s about all that will fit in my small living room. I originally wanted another navy blue print fabric, preferably with some pink in it, because all my living room stuff goes with that colour scheme: navy blue area carpet, pink table lamps, pink and blue art on lighter blue walls …


I need a change! My living room needs to join the twenty-first century!

So I formulated a new plan. How about repainting the walls grey? How about trading in the pink lamps for something more modern, perhaps metallic grey with white shades? How about replacing that solid navy blue area rug with a grey and white patterned one? And how about purchasing generic white loveseats, accented with pink and grey throw cushions? The blue and pink art on the walls could stay, I thought, to provide a little more accent colour. I have a white marble fireplace, white window shutters and white fabric draping the two windows. I could absolutely picture all this in my mind! This could work, I thought!

Of course, I wouldn’t be able to do all this in one fell swoop. Finances alone dictated that – plus, painting a living room is a big job so I’d need to plan my time carefully. In addition, I’d have to get rid of my old loveseats, and that also required some thought and planning. I did, however, start researching loveseats, and I quickly determined that I adored Ikea’s Ektorp loveseats. They have washable slipcovers, so even if I spilled red wine all over them, I could either wash them or simply buy new ones. I found them extremely comfortable to sit in, too – and they were normal loveseat height! Perfect! THAT was what I was going to purchase when the time came!

So, this month I learned that Ikea is having a sofa sale. Until November 24, if you buy two sofas, the second one is 50% off. Ektorp loveseats are included. I could save significant dollars – IF I bought my two loveseats now. Before I have done anything else to redecorate my living room. Before I have even chosen my shade of grey paint. Before I have even a inkling of an idea what to do with my old loveseats. Before I even have any place to put the new loveseats.

What to do, what to do?

In the end, the saving money thing won out. I bought the new loveseats and had the delivery guys stow the humongous boxes in my basement tv room, behind the couch and in front of the bookcase. They have pretty much taken over the entire room. photo

And there they will sit until I figure out everything else, likely no earlier than January. Then PG and I will somehow haul them upstairs and put them together.

And then my living room won’t be stuck in the 80s any more! (And I’ll get my tv room back.)


4 responses to “Slightly boxed in

  1. Time and tide come to everything, including love seats, I guess.

    • But you know, if I still liked the style of those old loveseats, I would have just gotten them reupholstered and gotten new foam in all the cushions … which would probably have ended up costing me something like three times what I paid for the new loveseats! My bank account approves of the new loveseats, I think.

  2. Leaving the 80s behind is definitely worth living with boxes…

    • Don’t get me wrong: I thoroughly enjoyed the 80s! I just didn’t think I would still be there in some aspects of my life 30 years later!