Ooooh, shiny!

DD and I were strolling through a department store recently. We were on the hunt for new towels for her, in a particular shade of purple. DD is quite particular when it comes to acceptable colours, and I approve of this.

We were making our way to towel-land, constantly getting distracted by various other items.

“I need a new Teflon frying pan, mom, are those ones there any good?”

“Hey there’s vacuums!. PG needs one!”

“Let’s look at Christmas lights!”

“Do you need any more area rugs?”

“Maybe I should stock up on birthday cards. You wanna get some too?”

Yes, this is how DD and I shop sometimes. We usually make a beeline for what we require and get the hell outta Dodge, but once in a while we meander aimlessly, without much focus, despite having a clear goal in mind. It may have something to do with low blood sugar, or maybe it’s occasional ADHD. We both do it, together and separately, so I know it’s definitely genetic at least.

So we stopped absolutely nowhere near the towels to examine something that I don’t remember. Then we got distracted by a little girl, maybe 4 years old, with her mom. The mom was speaking to her daughter in French, and the daughter was responding in English, which is exactly what DD and I used to do when she was little. This mom was telling the little girl to hurry up, that they had to leave soon, so stop dawdling. The little girl answered plaintively, “But Mommy, there’s not enough sparkles.”

DD and I didn’t even look at each other, but we both said, at virtually the same time, “There are never enough sparkles!”

… which is a pretty good motto, don’t you think?



4 responses to “Ooooh, shiny!

  1. Chocolate doesn’t sparkle, but there’s never enough of that either.