Are you looking NOW?

THIS is what I missed when I walked in the front door of my school the other day:photo

THIS was grown on Saltspring Island by the uncle of one of the kids at my school. It was transported over by truck and deposited at my school to be displayed till Halloween, at which time I believe it’s going to that kid’s house to be continue life as a rather large jack-o-lantern.

THIS measures about a metre in diameter (hard to tell from the photo, I know, but there wasn’t anything nearby to help give it proper scale), and the hay bale is about a half-metre tall.

So how the hell did I, completely oblivious, walk right past it?!?

(Makes me wonder what else is going on in my world of which I have been totally unaware …)


8 responses to “Are you looking NOW?

  1. Wow… is that thing edible?

  2. there is a big evil grin going to come out of that pumpkin at carving time!

  3. So is that the actual ‘Great Pumpkin?’ Linus could tell you.

    • It certainly is the “greatest” pumpkin that I’ve ever seen up close and personal. We’re running a contest to see who can estimate how much it weighs – so somebody must know exactly how big the sucker is. (I wonder what the prize is?)

  4. If you didn’t notice that, I’d say you should be very very afraid about what else you never saw….