Mooooove over

PG and I went wine-tasting one afternoon a while ago. We visited five different wineries … or was it four? I wasn’t driving, so I kinda lost track of how many we visited. (I think I may have had a few sips of wine past my usual limit.)

Anyway, it was a lot of fun, and we got to try (and buy!) a number of local wines that aren’t available in government liquor stores, only in a few select wine stores, as well as at the winery itself. A lot of the wineries had cheese and crackers and fruit and other nibblies to snack on while tasting the wine, which was a very good thing for people like me who have a rather low tolerance for alcohol. If I hadn’t been eating a bit as well as drinking all those wee glasses of wine, I probably wouldn’t even remember that we’d gone wine-tasting that day at all!

A couple of the wineries had other stuff for sale too, stuff that didn’t really have anything to do with wine. There were many crafts on offer, like Christmas ornaments, jewellery, knitted or crocheted items, paintings, and carvings.

And this: photo

Isn’t it the most adorable milking stool you’ve ever seen? When I first spotted it, it was the cow paint job that attracted me. Then I noticed the udders. Then I just couldn’t stop grinning!

I had to take the photo, because I couldn’t take the stool home. It wasn’t for sale – the cashier at the winery sat on it!


4 responses to “Mooooove over

  1. Hahaha, that stool is amazing!

    I love wine tasting 🙂

    • Wine tasting really is a great way to spend a few hours, especially if you’re NOT the person driving. Coming across that cool milkstool was just the cherry on top of a terrific afternoon for me!

  2. The bovine milkstool is brilliant. I want one. Udderly fantastic.