A little irritated here …

So, yeah. Then my life happened and I forgot to blog about it.

But there are a few things that have been pissing me off lately …

… like twenty-somethings who text while driving on the freeway – well, not actually driving, more like wavering left and right in their lane, coming perilously close to the centre median, forgetting to use the gas pedal and slowing down to 50 kph, speeding up and coming perilously close to the vehicle beside them, etc. I have only one thing to say to you: enjoy your accident and pray that you don’t take anybody else out with you.

… like self-centred parents at schools – okay, I can’t lie, at my school – who assume that just because they have a particular teacher’s work email address, that they can email said teacher about stupid and unimportant little things any old time they feel like it, such as during a teachers’ strike action, and then get a little miffed when the teacher doesn’t respond. Hey, what part about “on strike” didn’t you understand? The part where the workers are on the picket line and not working?

… like next door neighbours who decide that when they bring their garbage or recycling bins inside, that they will carefully place mine in front of my garage door, right where I need to drive in, instead of just leaving the bins where they originally were: to the side of the driveway. Why, why, why??? Have I ever neglected to bring in my bins? Have I ever moved yours? Have my bins ever impeded your access to your garage? Do you honestly think that this is helpful? No, no, no, and no. Quit it already.

… like people with whom one is acquainted (I would say friends, but I’m not sure that truly applies any more) who either simply don’t respond to an invitation to meet for a drink after work one day, or occasionally do respond, but at the very last moment with a breezy “Oh, sorry, too busy this time – and too busy to meet the next time, and the time after that”. And then when they actually do deign to attend a social gathering, which is maybe twice a year, they try to impress you with how very very busy they are , but how very very much they miss the company of you and the rest of your crowd. Yeah, right. I don’t care. A question for you: have you noticed that the invitations are getting rather sparse these days – or have you been too busy to notice that too?

… like a friend’s boyfriend who appears to be saying all the right things to her, but doing all the wrong things. Hey, buddy, haven’t you ever heard the one about actions speaking louder than words? No? Well, how about the one where your lady friend, who happens to be my friend, tells me all about what you’re saying and doing – and lemme tell you, she’s NOT happy. And I also know that she’s told you exactly how she feels and exactly what you are doing to upset her so much, so you have no excuse for treating her that way. I’d like to tell her to kick you to the curb, but despite her unhappiness, she seems to be convinced that you are The One and that the love you share is exquisite and eternal and perfect. So because she is my friend and I like her, I can’t tell her that, she has to figure it out for herself. But I sure don’t like you!


I hope I’ll be less touchy tomorrow.


2 responses to “A little irritated here …

  1. Oh, you’re hot when you’re pissed. Wonderfully honest, dear sister and I really hope I don’t get on the wrong side of you. Truly, your comments weren’t only very fair but you touched on areas that either do or would infuriate me, too.

    • You know, I’ve just realized that sometimes it’s quite cathartic to write about stuff that annoys me – I should do it more often. And you haven’t annoyed me so far, Big Brother! 😉