Light it up

In DD’s bedroom, there is some track lighting with two halogen lightbulbs. When you flip the light switch upon entering the room, these are the lights that go on. She also has two other lamps, but obviously, this track lighting is her major source of light in the room.

Unfotunately, the two bulbs very quickly became very dim, even before she moved in fully, during the week she and I spent cleaning. We quickly deduced that new light bulbs were necessary.

But when I installed the newly-purchased bulbs, it was so disappointing to see that they too were super-dim and pretty much useless. It looked like there was something wrong with the electrical connection or the actual mechanism. DD sighed and added that track lighting to the list of items that she wanted to discuss with her landlord.

Then i brought PG over to see how we had transformed a dusty, dirty, dark, cluttered basement suite into a clean, well-lit, comfortable place to live. Well, well-lit except for in the bedroom.

“Hey, PG,” I said. “We don’t know what’s going on with that track lighting, but look how dim it is. We’ve replaced the bulbs, and it’s still crappy. Any ideas?”

PG looked from me to DD. He walked over to the light switch. I was thinking, what the hell do you think you can do at the light switch? But he reached over to a very tiny slider beside the switch and slid it up. The lights shone brightly, illuminating the entire room beautifully.

We stared at him silently.

“You didn’t notice the dimmer there?” PG said innocently.

Uh, no. Would you have?



4 responses to “Light it up

  1. Oh drat! Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

  2. Well, at least he saved you the humiliation of having the landlord do that… And for the record, no, I wouldn’t have noticed it.

    • That’s exactly what DD said, that even though it was quite embarrassing enough as it was, at least she wouldn’t have to look like a complete moron in front of her landlord!