A really big cleanup?

PG and I just spent a few days visiting my brother and sister-in-law. As usual, there was much conversation, much laughter, much food, and MUCH alcohol. That is the way of our people, you see.

Another way of our people is that every time I make the four- hour journey to my brother’s, my mom gives me 100$ so we can all go out to dinner. Now, obviously 100$ won’t go very far to provide four people with dinner and drinks, so this time we decided to go out for a lovely brunch on Sunday morning.

So again, we conversed, we laughed, we ate, and we drank. Coffee. We drank coffee. (It was the morning after the night before – definitely coffee. Except PG. He had water. Party pooper!)

Coffee seems to go right through me, so during the course of our meal, I had to go to the toilet twice. Well, actually, I only HAD to go once. The second time was just to take this photo.


I have never seen a restaurant bathroom with a shower in it before. My imagination is running wild …


2 responses to “A really big cleanup?

  1. A shower in a restaurant… Wow. Is it maybe in an old house? Tell me it’s situated in an old house!!!

    • I’m so sorry to disappoint you: the restaurant is not in an old house. It’s just a – well, basic restaurant building. With a shower in the women’s bathroom.