A good idea

Hypothetically, if you were a teacher at the start of your two-month summer break for which you didn’t get paid, plus you had been on full strike for the last two weeks of the school year and on partial strike for a couple of weeks before that and so had already lost several thousand dollars worth of your yearly salary, PLUS the dispute with the government that employs you showed every sign of continuing into the start of the next school year in September so you really had no idea when your next paycheque was coming, PLUS PLUS your daughter was starting law school in September and had found an apartment near the university campus and although she did have a student line-of-credit from a bank, of course you were planning to help her out with some of her living expenses –

(take a deep breath here)

– so if that was your situation, you would totally take your daughter to Vegas for four days, wouldn’t you? You would, right?

Well, I would.

Besides, Vegas is way more fun than just buying a lottery ticket.


3 responses to “A good idea

  1. Vegas Baby. Good plan. Never been there. Never had a burning desire to, but if you enjoy it that is all that matters.

  2. Besides, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Have a great time.

  3. Whatever the question, ‘let’s go to Vegas!’ is always the correct answer. Have fun.