Outdoor shower

I was woken up from a very sound sleep at 3:30 this morning. It was the rain that woke me. It was VERY heavy, pounding on the window and on the cement patio and wooden deck beneath my second-storey bedroom window.

My first thought was, I should probably shut my bedroom window so the rain doesn’t come in.

My second was, Shit! My flower box!

This second, more upsetting thought was because of the water that simply pours over the edge of my neighbour’s roof and down into one of my flower boxes alongside the cement patio in my back yard, flooding out the plants and dirt and splashing mud everywhere. And THIS is because their gutter is most probably chock-full of gunk so the rainwater that rolls down their roof cannot actually drain into the gutter and then down the drainpipe where it is supposed to go. And THIS is something that has been going on for all the years that I have lived here (which will be eleven next month) something about which I have sent many, many emails to my strata council, requesting-begging-PLEADING with them to arrange for this to be fixed. Why can’t they get it fixed? Well, because the plugged gutter is up on the third storey of my neighbour’s home, and no one here has a ladder long enough to reach that third storey roof, so a roofer must be contacted. And that, my friends, costs money. Money that I pay every month in the form of strata fees, money that is meant to be used for upkeep and repair of the outside of my home and the shared common space around it. Money that apparently is NOT earmarked for the cleaning out of third storey gutters.

weather-idiom-figure_of_speech-rainstorm-rain_storm-rain-haan192lAnd THIS explains why I was outside at 3:30 this morning, in the pouring rain, in my jammies and flip flops, getting cold and soaked to the skin. I was hurriedly positioning some handy boards that I keep outside to deflect that waterfall and so protect my flower box.

Can anyone tell me why all the issues that I have had recently with my home have to do with water?!?


4 responses to “Outdoor shower

  1. Can anyone tell me why all the issues that I have had recently with my home have to do with water?!?

    Because you live on the Wet Coast? :-p

  2. Are you an Aquarius? Anyway, having lived in a strata complex when Wendy and I were first together I frankly never want to do it again if possible. And your council should, no ifs, ands or buts be bloody well addressing this. Assholes I found most of ours to be.

    • No, I’m a Capricorn and seem to stubbornly butt my goat-head into many things. 😉 My strata council seems to be not assholes, but not very effective either. As I sit here, there are TWO gutter floods happening, one of which was supposedly “seen to” two weeks ago, according to the council member who phoned me to confirm exactly where it was. I wasn’t home that day, but according to DD, whose bedroom and office are right there and who WAS home, he never did show up and “see to” the clogged gutter. Sigh …