But wait, there’s more …

Well, it appears that my leaky sink story (see here, here and here) wasn’t quite done yet.

No, it wasn’t. Not even close.

I was having my Unbook Club friends over one evening last week, so I was getting all my snacks and things ready late in the afternoon. I was busy chopping and blending and arranging various foods. I ran the garburetor several times, always making very sure to run lots of water afterward to fully wash away all the garbureted foodstuffs. And then I looked down into the sink. It didn’t seem to be draining terribly well.

Uh oh.

Then I realized that there was water dripping out of the cupboard under the sink. In fact, the little carpet I have on the floor in front of the sink was already quite wet. Water was flowing slowly under the stove.


I opened the cupboard and saw a small swimming pool under there, but with bits of garbureted foods in it. Lovely. I also saw that the pipe that had given me so much grief last April had detached again, even with the new flange that actually fit properly.

Fuck again.

I spent quite a long time cleaning up. And cursing. This time, I recognized, I was going to have to get a plumber in. I had been so sure that PG and I had solved the problem, but obviously not. This situation was too big for the both of us. We needed reinforcements. Professional reinforcements.

While I was mopping up, my mom called. I briefly told her what had happened and that I couldn’t talk right now. She immediately asked me if I wanted the number of the plumber she’d had out a couple of times to fix various plumbing issues at her condo. He was excellent, she said, and would most certainly be at my house that afternoon.

I called him. He showed up within ten minutes.

An hour and three hundred dollars later, my pipe was back together, it was held up by a strong metal strap (he figured the pipe had detached again due to its weight and from the vibrations of the garburetor), a major clog was removed from the garburetor pipe (likely due to the crappy water pressure in my house being unable to properly whisk away the stuff that’s been ground up in the garburetor), and best of all, he increased that water pressure for me (it was at something like 30 psi and it should have been 50. He gave me 60)!

So I hope everything will be okay under my kitchen sink now. A few days on, it seems to be staying dry under there (and you know I’m checking every time I turn the tap on, never mind the garburetor!).

But I know for an absolute certainty that my shower is simply WONDERFUL now with all that glorious water pressure!


2 responses to “But wait, there’s more …

  1. Fuck indeed. (I love it when you talk dirty). But this situation was obviously agonizing for you. And it’s poignant for me since our beeeeeg kitchen reno begins this very morning and I truly hope we don’t have sink leak probs. I may have to seek your wisdom for guidance during the next two weeks of travail.

    • I really hope you don’t have leaky sink issues either – it truly is a pain in the butt, especially when it keeps happening! (And all that swearing can’t possibly be good for my lovely and sweet disposition 😉 )