Love thy neighbour (do I have to???)

My weekday alarm is set for 6:15 am, and I’m usually out of bed by 6:30 am. Well, if I’m honest, it’s sometimes 6:45 am. And often 7 am. But only very, very rarely later than that. Really. I like to get to work between 7:45 and 8 am (the bell rings to let the kids in at 8:30), and it’s about a 15-minute commute, so I need to leave no later than 7:45. This is also necessary if I want to get one of the better parking spots in the carpark (ie. a spot near the school entrance door and away from the walkway).

Yesterday morning, I seemed to have a whole lot of energy, and I hopped out of bed just before 6:30. I went into the bathroom and suddenly became aware of a rather loud engine. It wasn’t a car or truck, it was more like a pressure washer. And it sounded like it was in front of my house.

I looked out the window from upstairs, but I couldn’t see anything that could possibly be making that horrendous din. I was still in my jammies so I didn’t really want to go downstairs and out onto the balcony to get a better look at the driveway that I share with two other homes – but I was getting a little miffed at all that racket so early in the morning, so I HAD to find out what was going on. Out I went.

And there below, I saw my next-door neighbour. His humongous SUV was blocking the entire driveway (good thing it was only 6:30 am and nobody had to leave for work yet). He was washing it with what looked like a pressure washer.

Let me reiterate that it was 6 effing 30 in the morning. And this tool appeared to be pressure washing his big old SUV. In the middle of a driveway shared by three homes instead of parked in front of his own garage.

What kind of person even does such a bizarre thing?!?

My next-door neighbour is that kind of person … the guy who clipped his fingernails so loudly in his backyard early one Saturday morning that he woke me up.

And when I left for work at 7:30, he was still out there, cleaning the SUV’s windows. But at least he’d moved the SUV so I could easily get by.

A rhetorical question: what did I do in my past life to deserve THIS GUY as my next-door neighbour?!?


4 responses to “Love thy neighbour (do I have to???)

  1. Is it really rhetorical? I could give you some suggestions…
    But, you were definitely a badass.

    • I’d like to think I was. I’d also like to think I’m STILL a badass – so, neighbour, just wait till the NEXT time you make a racket at 6:30am – or clip your fingernails in your backyard! You won’t know what hit you, I’ll be such a badass!

  2. He’s an inconsiderate, self-involved dickwad. How unpleasant. If you used a chamber pot you could have dumped it on him and his RV.

    • I totally could have – or better yet, I could have dumped a bucket of fingernail clippings on him! That would have pleased me greatly!