Drip drip drip

My stupid kitchen sink is leaking again – or rather, the joint underneath that isn’t very well attached to the pipe from the garburetor is leaking. It had leaked last January, but I thought I’d fixed it.

Well, apparently not, because there I was on Easter Sunday morning, on my hands and knees under the sink, surrounded by a multitude of soaking wet towels and rags, trying to mop up the accumulated water inside the cupboard. Fortunately, it had only just started to seep out onto the floor, so I caught it before any real damage was done. But it wasn’t a nice way for me to finish up our lovely Easter breakfast.

So now I’ve been watching that pipe like a hawk. And I keep messing with it, tightening it, loosening it, readjusting the plastic gasket thingy inside, moving the pipe up and down and around. I don’t think I’ve made the problem any worse, but I certainly haven’t made it any better. Sometimes there is a bit of water in the big container I have under the questionable pipe, sometimes there isn’t. One morning I came downstairs, opened the cabinet door under the sink and the container was full and starting to overflow. Using the garburetor or not using the garburetor doesn’t appear to make any difference. The joint leaks when it wants to.

I guess I am going to have to call a plumber now, because this issue is obviously beyond me. PG has looked at it a number of times too, but he’s not done much plumbing work, so he’s at a bit of a loss too. I just see that there’s just an elbow joint under the sink with a white plastic ring that fits inside that should act like a gasket. But it’s not doing that and the joint isn’t firmly attached to the pipe anyway, it’s just perched on top at the moment, so of course water can drip or even pour out. None of the other pipes under the sink have loose joints like that.

This pisses me off, because I had a real plumber install my new sink and faucet a year ago, when I redid my kitchen. Nothing leaked before that. So he did (or DIDN’T do) something rather important with those pipes. And because it’s been over a year, I can’t get him back in to fix his mistake – and besides, I have no idea who he was, because everything was arranged through the home renovation store and that’s who I paid. I suppose I could call the store and ask – but honestly, do I want a plumber back in my home to fix something he screwed up in the first place?

Sigh. Anyone know a good plumbers around here?


6 responses to “Drip drip drip

  1. Well, at least you know what you’re talking about. Garburetor? At first I thought, isn’t that in a car until I noticed the “G” – so what is it? A carburetor that eats garbage?

    • Now you’ve got me wondering if I’ve spelled it wrong! Garburetor? Garburator? Garburattor? They’re ALL underlined in red on this WordPress comment form, so WordPress thinks ALL those versions are spelled wrong. Crap … something ELSE to keep me up in the wee hours …

  2. You’re not having much luck with that sink…

  3. Kind of a caveat as we are embarking on our renos in a little over a month’s time; and that includes getting a new sink.

    • Yeah, make sure you crawl under there yourself and wiggle the pipes up and down. If they detach anywhere, don’t let that plumber out the door before fixing them!