Yummy! (I think)

The Grade 3s at my school were baking today. They made a whole whack of cupcakes, complete with icing. There were plenty of cupcakes for all, even specialist teachers like me who don’t have their own classes.

Now, normally, I will graciously accept any and all food offerings from the kids. I mean, I don’t have to actually eat whatever it is right in front of the kids, but I do think it’s polite to take what they are proffering. They’re sharing, after all, and we teachers, as influential adults in a kid’s life, need to promote that.

But I don’t know about these particular cupcakes. They just didn’t look that appetizing, even for cupcakes made by eight-year-olds. But I did take the cupcake that Becky brought to me.

“I had a little trouble with the icing,” she confessed.

No kidding, Becky!photo I’m sorry to say, but your icing looks like white poo!

(But I did eat the cupcake later, white poo icing and all. And it really did taste good! So Becky, you’ve made a good start to this baking business. You just need to work on the presentation … just a wee bit.)


6 responses to “Yummy! (I think)

  1. Cupcakes. Icing. Who cares what they look like!

  2. So you’re saying we shouldn’t be wary of white poo. I guess that’s good to know. Even white (ahem) ‘loose’ poo. Hmm.

  3. LOL, white poo! Icing cupcakes is reeeally hard – I think Becky did a pretty good job 😉

    • She had probably never done any type of cooking before, never mind icing cupcakes! (Mind you, most of her classmates likely hadn’t either, and I have to admit that their cupcakes looked quite a bit more appetizing than hers!)