Pinklea ‘n’ Pilates

imagesAn open letter to my Pilates instructor:

Dear K,

I’ve been in your Wednesday night Pilates class for how long, three and a half years I think? My attendance record has been rather remarkable, if I do say so myself. I’ve missed perhaps five classes in that whole time, which speaks to both the fact that I really enjoy the Pilates exercises and that I quite like you!

Although you are the only Pilates instructor that I have ever had, I truly think you do a fabulous job of it. You are able to break down each complicated exercise into several easy-to-follow steps, and you always mention two or three different ways to do it if anyone would like more or less of a challenge. You’re encouraging and helpful, and you have expertly answered every single question that I or anyone else in the class has asked. You constantly want to know how our bodies are feeling, and if anyone is experiencing any level of discomfort, you know exactly how to correct it or how to adjust the exercise so it doesn’t hurt any more.

Also, you do all of this with a grin and a wickedly keen sense of humour. We certainly do laugh a lot in that class!

Which brings me to my point (yes, I have one). You know how I have a wonky lower back, right? (I also have a wonky right shoulder, but I do believe that has finally worked itself out, almost two years later, so let’s stick to the lower back.) You’ve always cautioned me on certain Pilates movements, showing me different ways to do them if I feel any pain. I’ve always told you when it does hurt, and I have to say that since I have been doing Pilates, that it has hurt far far less often than it ever did before.

Well, K, I’ve just spent two days painting some walls in my house. I’ve been trying to be careful of my back, but of course I tweaked it when bending down to paint near the floor. It wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t finish the job, but it did pinch whenever I changed positions, like stood up or sat down.

I tried stretching it out a bit, then decided to go for a walk to further get it moving properly. At first, I was walking kinda funny, not quite standing up straight and not quite able to move my hips freely when taking a stride. And then I heard your voice in my head: “Shoulders back and down! Lift that pelvic floor!”

So I did those two things and right away I was standing taller and walking normally again AND my lower back didn’t hurt at all. It was quite nice, to say the least!

Anyway, thanks, K! I really do have a much stronger core now! This Pilates stuff really does work!images-1


PS – See? I really DO listen to you!

4 responses to “Pinklea ‘n’ Pilates

  1. Maybe I should try pilates. But it’s sorta like yoga – I can’t help but think I need to become much more flexible and strong before I start that…

    • No, you don’t. You just need to show up, basically. I am living proof of that. I’m still not terribly strong or flexible, but I know for a fact that I am stronger and flexible-er than I used to be. (Would I lie to you?!)

  2. what a sweet testimonial for your instructor to receive. You are a lovely soul, li’l sister.

    • She may never read it, but now that I’ve written it down, you can be sure I’ll be telling her in person at our next class. After all, who doesn’t like appreciation for what they’re trying to do?