Last month, on February 16 to be precise, my microwave oven died. DD had been trying to boil a cup of water to make herself some tea, but there was an odd buzzing noise, sparks flying off the outside of the oven, and that lovely burnt electrical smell. She immediately hit stop, took her only-barely-warmed cup of water out, and yelled for me.

Like I could do anything about it!

The smell was quite unpleasant. The two of us together quickly determined that “something was wrong with the microwave” and I unplugged it. Time to buy a new one.

imagesThe very next day, I brought home a brand new microwave. It’s basically the same model as the old one, but thirteen years newer. Yes, I’d had the old one for thirteen years, with nary a problem. The thing was a workhorse, so why wouldn’t I buy its updated sibling with the expectation of a similar service record?

Fast forward to this past weekend. PG and I were strolling through another branch of the store at which I’d purchased my new microwave. For some reason, we wandered to the small appliance section.

“Hey,” I said, stopping and pointing. “There’s my new microwave. It’s on sale now!”

PG looked closer at the tag. “The sale is on till Wednesday. You should see if you can get a rebate or something.”

I nodded. “Yes, I should. Actually, I think I remember my salesguy saying something about the fact that I could bring in my receipt if the price went down within a certain period of time, and they would refund me the difference.”

Of course, that depended upon two things. One, that I was within whatever that time period was. Two, that I could actually produce that sales receipt.

I got lucky on both counts. The time period was 30 days, so since I bought the new microwave on February 17, I was well within it. And the receipt was tucked inside the microwave’s instruction booklet, which was, in turn, tucked amongst my cookbooks. That in itself was a miracle, since I am traditionally terrible at keeping necessary receipts, salesbills, and the like. I usually toss them into recycling almost immediately, reasoning that I will probably never have need of them again. Until I do. And I don’t have them.

But this time the stars and the moons and the planets all aligned perfectly! And I walked into that store today, presented them with my sales receipt, and sweetly requested that I be refunded the difference between the price I had paid in February with the current sales price. And they credited my bank card with 40$, just like that!

Oh, and they told me how few people actually do this, that I was really rather clever to have noticed the sale price and to have come in with my sales receipt. They said that their store, and pretty much every other retail outlet around, have this refund-the-difference policy, but so very few people take advantage of it.

But I took avantage of it and saved myself 40$. Because I am full of awesome! images-1


8 responses to “Refundable

  1. She’s already sounding like a lawyer.

  2. Tea water must come from a boiled kettle, and it must ‘never’ be re-boiled water since it loses oxygen.

    • When I gave DD Jazz’s link and told her why she shouldn’t use the microwave for her tea, she informed me that of course she knew all that, she just chose to do it that way in the interest of saving time.

      Humph! Kids these days!

  3. YAY!! Nailed it!

    • Yet more awesome – great link, Jazz! Thank you! I’ll pass it on to DD, because SHE is the one who always makes her tea in the microwave. I will do so very occasionally, but I have certainly noticed that it mostly tastes crap that way, so I much prefer to put the kettle on.

  4. You are awesome, covered in awesome sauce and rolled in awesome sprinkles.

    Tea made with water boiled in the microwave, however, is distinctly NOT awesome, and here’s why. Get a kettle. Maybe with a rebate!!!

    (I hope I remembered how to make a hyperlink right, my brain ain’t what it used to be.)

  5. You are full of awesome for many reasons, including that one. I honestly didn’t know you could do that. Thanks for the tip, dear sister.

    • Aw, thanks, Ian! 🙂 I’d previously heard ads from some stores proclaiming that they would refund the amount of a price difference, but I’d never actually believed that any store would actually do it – nor did I ever think that I would be in a position to request that refund! But it’s true and it happens and it’s very full of awesome!