So daylight savings has been in effect for three whole days.

And on each of those three days, I have woken up almost an hour later than normal, in a panic to get ready and out the door to get to work on time. When my alarm goes, I am simply rolling over, turning it off, then carrying on sleeping.

PLUS I have been going to bed at least an hour earlier each night. For some reason, I am exhausted rather early in the evening, so rather than fighting it, I am just going to bed. So technically, since daylight savings started, I am sleeping an extra two hours a night … but I’m still way tired way earlier than normal.

What is going on here??? Is this another stupid menopausal thing? Is it because of the time change? Is it going to last forever, this needing two more hours of sleep a night? Whatever it is, I don’t like it! I want my regular sleeping pattern back!
(Mind you, Spring Break begins next week, so it really won’t matter how much or how little sleeping I do – and I’ll have two weeks to do it whenever I want.)


6 responses to “Sleepyhead

  1. But how much can an hour throw you off? It’s basically jetlag, an hour of jetlag is, what, a day at most? What happens when you get back from Europe?

    • You’d be surprised! Coming back from Europe – and even coming back from your time zone which is just a three-hour difference – I’m bagged for almost a week. But to be fair, as a teenager and into my twenties and thirties, jet lag didn’t bother me very much at all. It really only started to hit me in my forties. But this daylight savings thing is new. I really hope it’s a one-off!

  2. I’m with VS. Why do they keep doing this? There is no logical reason to throw everybody off twice a year. And I have been going through the same sleep disruptions as you.

    • I’ve never reacted to daylight savings like this before, so I’m a bit concerned that my sleep patterns will be wonky twice a year for the rest of my life! But last night was better: I still went to bed early and slept later than normal, but I finally felt rested! (Also, I didn’t go to work today, as I had a doctor’s appointment. Maybe that was the magic charm for a long, restful sleep?)

  3. I do wish they’d stop messing around with our clocks. It’s confusing enough with the sun rising and setting at a different time every day.

    • I’m not sure what the benefit of it is at all! I mean, there’s only so much daylight to go around, so we either get it earlier in the morning or later in the evening. There would be no savings in electricity or anything like that, so why do we have to do it? We should all move to Saskatchewan …