Lottery – NOTtery

My mom doesn’t buy a lot of lottery tickets, but she does buy them when the total weekly jackpot is over 50 million dollars. Not a bad rule of thumb, I suppose, except that probably ninety-nine percent of the Canadian population does the exact same thing. So, because there are so many tickets sold for those giant jackpots, the probability of winning anything is dramatically decreased.

However, my mom is an exceptionally lucky woman. She loves the slot machines and frequently wins big at some of the local casinos. I wish this was genetic, but so far, unfortunately, there is no evidence of this. None. It’s sad, really.

Anyway, my mom bought herself a ticket for the provincial lottery a couple of weeks ago. And lo and behold, she had six out of the seven numbers correct!

We were all SO excited! PG was sure she’d won at least 10,000$, since the total jackpot was so high. DD couldn’t find any information on the lottery’s website, other than something about six out of seven numbers winning 4% – but it didn’t say of what. I checked into it a little further and found out that no one had won with all seven numbers and the bonus, but one person from Québec had won with six out of seven plus the bonus number. Then, 105 people from various provinces had won with six out of seven with no bonus – one of whom had to be my mother! The payout to each winner appeared to be close to 5000$, from what I could tell. (The lottery people really need to revamp their website! It’s really hard to find pertinent information that you can actually comprehend.)

Mom was over the moon! Sure, she’s won that kind of money on the slots, but never on the lottery. This was new and exciting! She had no idea what she would do with the money (I almost suggested that she gift it to her loving daughter, but I refrained. I mean, DD was right there, and she might not have liked that idea much.)

Earlier this week, Mom went over to the lottery counter at the local mall, winning ticket clutched in her hot little hand. They checked it out for her and informed her that she had won …


… two free tickets to the next lottery.

That was it. Two tickets. For having six out of seven numbers drawn.

And why did she not win any money at all, you ask? Apparently because the six numbers on her ticket were not in the same order as that in which they had been drawn.


I don’t even know what to say to that.

However, my mom is quite pissed off and she has declared that she will no longer purchase any lottery tickets at all, even if the total jackpot is over fifty million dollars.

She will, however, first use those two free tickets she won.


6 responses to “Lottery – NOTtery

  1. That did seem a real swindle, didn’t it? In which case, I think its not worth doing it.
    I usually pay a pound on a Thunderball and use the same numbers each week. The first prize is only a 1/4 million £s but I have often won smaller prizes ranging from £3- £40. I won’t go on buying more than that but I feel £1 a week is OK!
    Maggie x

    • I think your way is a really sensible way to do it. I would do that if I played the lottery regularly – but I don’t. That being said, I LOVE playing the slots in Las Vegas – but I’ve only been there twice in my life.

      (And thanks for visiting, Maggie! 🙂 )

    • How disappointing for you all. What I wonder is why it is always the ‘wrong’ people who win; People who don’t deserve to, in my esteem. And why, rather than a $50 million prize, don’t they break it down to 50 $1 million prizes? I’d be quite content with a cool million.

      • Never mind a million: my mom would have been oh-so-pleased with just a couple grand! (Though, to be fair, she doesn’t exactly need the money, so she might fit into that category of people who don’t really deserve to win.)

  2. What? I don’t even understand that. In the UK, I’m pretty sure your lottery ticket print out has the numbers you chose in numerical order so they can’t possibly be in the same order as they were drawn!

    My dad does the lottery every week, but the most he’s ever won is ten pounds. He’s promised to buy me a house if he wins the jackpot though.

    • I don’t understand it either – but then, I have never bought a lottery ticket in my life, so I don’t even know if my mom’s explanation was accurate. I mean, she could have wrongly relayed the information she was given and none of us would even know to question it. Oh well, the excitement was fun while it lasted!