And now for the weather …

It’s been snowing in the Vancouver area for two days non-stop. This is weird for a number of reasons.

It’s Vancouver! We are the temperate part of Canada. We don’t have what people think of as “Canadian” winters: snow and ice and below zero temperatures for six months of the year. We have rain and grey skies and temperatures average something like 7 degrees C for maybe two months. Our weather really is different out here on the West Coast! Honest!

2. photo 3
It’s February, people. I know, I know – most of the country doesn’t see any real signs of spring till May or something, but I refer you back to number 1: it’s Vancouver ! My tulips and daffodils poked their leafy green heads out of the ground weeks ago and now they’re pretty much covered in snow. See? What if they don’t bloom now till MARCH?!

This snowfall was actually predicted by our local meteorologists. Yes. Even the weather on my iPhone, which is often WAAAAAY off, said that there would be snow pretty much all day and night on Saturday and Sunday. PG didn’t believe those weather reports. I did. I don’t know if that makes me the better person, but hey, who doesn’t like to be right?!

I don’t really have a number 4, but I do have some photos of my snowy backyard. Look at all the snow – there’s about a 10-15 cm accumulation!photo 1 photo 2 photo 4

No number 5 either – just a calm assurance that tomorrow it will probably rain and start to wash away all that fluffy white stuff and then we’ll have major slushy grossness for a week. Again, go back to number 1: it’s Vancouver, people!


3 responses to “And now for the weather …

  1. At least your snow looks very attractive and not like it has that treacherous ice under it that we get here when it snows. Of course, we had no snow at all this winter. Yippee!

  2. So you’re joining the rest of Canada?