Valentine’s Day – ish

imagesSo. Valentine’s Day.

Not a really huge fan over here.

Still, I always have a card for PG – but it’s usually one that’s blank inside, with some vaguely romantic picture on the front. This year I also got him a wee package of chocolates. The good ones, if I do say so myself. I hope he shares.

And because I love DD to pieces too, I always get her a card as well – again, one that’s blank inside, but no romantic picture on the front of this one. She likes stuff like small animals, cake, and sushi, so I try to find her a card with something like that on it. This year, I also got her the same little package of chocolates as PG got. I know she won’t share.

I haven’t seen PG yet today, but we did text each other “Happy Valentine’s Day” early this morning. He’s not a major Valentine’s Day fanatic either, but he is certainly more of a romantic than I am – but when he feels like it, not when the calendar tells him to. I don’t know yet if he’s gotten me anything, but I do hope that he at least got me a card.

And that he spelled my name right.


6 responses to “Valentine’s Day – ish

  1. So please let us know how it all played out. Actually in our household unit I am probably the more romantic of the two. Why are men always accused of being unromantic? I’m insufferable in that regard.

    • PG actually made me a Valentine card, and he also shared his chocolate with me! So I’m keeping him around for another year, I decided. 😉

  2. Not a fan either. I don’t even get the cards. And if chocolate is involved, it’s for me..

    • Makes sense to me! You should be your own valentine, so of course you should get yourself chocolate. (I did – but I ate it all well before the day.)

  3. Of course DD won’t share… girls NEVER share chocolate!

    • She later told me that although she had wanted to eat just one today, so she could enjoy the chocolates longer, they were SO good that she scarfed them down one right after the other! Good thing there were only 3 or 4 in the box!