Alone time

I was chatting with a couple of Grade 4 kids the other day. (We were speaking French, but I’ve translated what we said into English because Jazz is one of my only readers who would understand if I wrote it in French!)

me: Hey Jade, is your dad back from his business trip yet?

Jade (giggling): Yeah, but now he and my mom are in Mexico.

me (also giggling): Really? He was just away back east and now he and your mom went to Mexico?

Jade: Yeah, they went on Sunday.

me: And they didn’t take you and your brother?

Jade: No, they said they wanted some alone time.

me: Oh, right, parents do that sometimes.

Jade: My parents always say they want alone time!

Greg (sighing, shaking his head): My parents do that too. But that’s what the night is for!

me (smile frozen on my face): What – what do you mean, Greg?

Greg: Well, parents have alone time in the night. They put the kids to bed and then they can be all by themselves.

me: Ohhhhhh …

(Guess where MY mind was going?!)


8 responses to “Alone time

  1. I think all of our minds were in that gutter.

  2. I think your mind went to the same place mine did.

  3. Get your mind out of the gutter!!!

  4. LOL…my mind would have been going to the very same place.