That does not compute …

Porsche Guy’s niece just got herself a new laptop. images-1

This is significant because, for a nominal fee, she sold her old laptop to PG.

This is significant because PG now has a laptop that is newer and faster and better than my laptop, which is five years old.

And this is a waste.

Now, PG is a very nice man, with many wonderful qualities (Obviously. We have been dating for something like ten years now. There must be something about him that I like, or else I would have cut him loose a long time ago.). However, he is NOT at all comfortable with a computer. He barely knows how to plug the thing in. He has never downloaded anything by himself. He has no clue how to add a bookmark. When he accidentally closes a window, it is panic-time, as he has no idea how to go about opening it again. Forget using iTunes or iPhoto or Word or any program without lots of help, really. He can sort-of use email by himself, but it can be touch-and-go a lot of the time. Many people in his life have tried to show him how to do these things, but he seems to think it’s endearing or charming or something to be so helpless with a laptop, so he’s never truly learned. He seems to be happy for other people to do computery things for him – which we do because we get so bloody frustrated to see him “attempt” something on his own!

imagesSo anyway, he had absolutely no idea how to transfer the little data he had on his old laptop (which, by the way, was Darling Daughter’s old one, and is about eight years old, and he bought it from her when she upgraded three years ago) to the new one. His niece ended up doing it for him … after which point I got a panicky text.

Something about a password, he wrote. There were a lot of other words in there, many of them with four letters. I texted back that I didn’t know how to help him, but maybe he could ask his niece. Maybe she hadn’t wiped her password out when she cleaned all her stuff off the laptop before he took it over?

Oh, but she had just left for work. PG would have to talk to her about it at a later date.

All that happened about three weeks ago.

This weekend, when I was at PG’s place, I asked him how he was enjoying his upgraded laptop. He snarled that he hadn’t been able to use it yet because of that password issue.

He STILL hadn’t asked his niece about it.

So I thought I’d check it out.

Yes, he needed a password. I enquired as to the password that he had set up. He told me what it was and explained that he had tried it a few times, but it didn’t work, so he hadn’t been able to even get onto the desktop yet. I typed the password in. Things happened. Another window opened up.

“Have you seen this window yet?” I asked.

“Yes … no. I’m not sure,” was the definitive response.

apple_logo_rainbowAnyway, I kept doing what the laptop wanted done and things kept happening and then the desktop, with all his icons appeared. I mean, the thing is an Apple product! Those are pretty fool-proof, pretty intuitive. I’m not a computer whiz at all, but I know it’s almost impossible to screw up an Apple computer. Just do what it asks, and all will be well.

PG looked on. “I couldn’t get to any of that,” he muttered darkly.

“Maybe you made a typo when you tried to type your password,” I offered cheerfully. I continued setting up his email, adding his bookmarks, deleting empty files that his niece had left on the desktop, changing the resolution and font size, adding and deleting icons on his dock … in short, I very quickly got that laptop set up pretty much the way his old one had been. I checked to make sure things had been transferred properly, and the only problems I found were that he no longer had iPhoto or his printer software installed. Those would be easy fixes: get the original installation CD from his niece and re-install iPhoto from that, and download the printer software from whatever site has it and re-install that too. I just didn’t have the time to do those two things that day.

So now PG has this very nice, fairly new laptop that he’ll use maybe a couple of times a week and he has no idea how to use it properly anyway.

And I have a five-year-old laptop that I use every single day and it’s too old for me to upgrade the operating system by myself so that I can upgrade iTunes and synchronize it with my iPhone!

That is just not right. I really need to do something about this situation …

5 responses to “That does not compute …

  1. You definitely need to trade laptops with PG, he is not worth the one that he has. I bet he can be easily talked into it. Just promise to do something nice for him, that ought to do the job.

  2. I’m with Jazz on this. Meanwhile, tell me how to get my scanner to work on my new laptop, OK. I get the message that the scanner is too old to be added to my system now. That sucks. Just sayin’

  3. Steal his laptop.