At work yesterday, I was busily doing inventory of our French books for teaching reading to the primary-grade kids. The books are all leveled according to difficulty, and are stored in plastic baskets, one per level. My job was to dump all the books out, compare what was actually there with what my list said was supposed to be there, and to create a new list of missing books. Then the fun part: harassing the primary teachers of my school to either return the books that they had neglected to sign out properly or harassing them to keep the books but sign them out the way they should have done in the first place.

So I had books and baskets all spread out over half of a big round table. I also had my various lists and extra papers and pens and library tape and white-out liquid in my blue work basket. And my coffee in my Tim Horton’s travel mug. I love that mug! I fill it with coffee, snap on the lid and slide it closed, and I can walk around the school without spilling a drop.images

Unfortunately, when I dumped out one basket of books, they slid the wrong way and into my travel mug – which, admittedly, I had left a little too close to where I was working. The travel mug slid too, right off the table, bounced on an adjacent cushioned chair and then onto the carpeted floor. It must have hit the edge of the lid when it fell, because the lid popped off and coffee started to pour out.

I grabbed the mug as quickly as I could. I’d lost half its contents. I mopped up the chair and the carpet – both of which are fortunately quite dark – as best I could. I moved the now half-full mug waaaaaay over from my workspace. Then I got back to work.

images-1Not five minutes later, it happened AGAIN! Books slid the wrong way (REALLY the wrong way this time) into my mug, which bounced onto the carpet. It missed the chair this time, so I suppose that was an improvement. But pretty much all the remaining coffee spilled onto the carpet. Again, I cleaned it up as best I could, swearing under my breath all the while. Again, I moved the mug even further away from my workspace (not that it mattered any more, since the mug was now empty).

I eventually finished my inventory, packed everything up, and left the bookroom with my blue workbasket and my empty mug.

I didn’t look back at the two rather large wet splotches on the carpet.

I hope they look okay when they dry …


6 responses to “Spillage

  1. Nooo… what a waste of coffee! 😉

    • I know! think I’d had perhaps two sips before the first spill, and not even one more when the second one occurred. On the bright side, at least it wasn’t a glass of wine! 😀

  2. Coffee spill? What coffee spill?

  3. Simple answer, and it applies to many aspects of life: “never look back!”