Domestic disturbances

On Sunday morning, I had a very hard time waking up. My stomach hurt, my head was on the verge of a headache, I just wasn’t right.

This just may have had something to do with the vodka that DD, PG, and I had consumed the night before. Maybe.

photoAnyway, when I finally did pull myself together and head downstairs to make the brunch I had planned, I noticed that the freezer door at the bottom of my fridge was slightly open. I closed it. Then it occurred to me to wonder exactly how long that freezer door had been open, because as far as I knew, no one had gone in there that morning. DD was in the shower, PG was watching poker or some other manly thing on TV, and I’d just gotten up.

My fridge has a digital readout inside that tells the temperature of the freezer section and that of the fridge section. I opened the fridge door to see what it said: fridge at 37 degrees F, freezer at 33 degrees F. I first had to quickly figure out if that was good or bad in the Celsius scale that I’m used to.

Fridge temp: good. Freezer temp: bad. Very bad.

Obviously the freezer door had been open all fricking night.


Anyway, we all carried on with the rest of our morning and early afternoon. The freezer motor worked very hard and the temperature in there started to come down nicely. Nothing in there seemed spoiled, though the ice cream was pretty soft and later hardened into some weird shape in its carton.

At some point in that early afternoon, I went put something into the garbage can under my kitchen sink. And it was wet in there.

What NOW?

I whipped open the other cupboard door under the sink and started pulling everything out so I could wipe up the water. PG went to help me, then we had to find out what exactly was leaking. I ran the water while he gazed intently at the pipes underneath the sink.

“AHA!” he said triumphantly. “This pipe is loose.” He wiggled the pipe that connected the garburetor to the main drainpipe.

I wasn’t sure that was a problem, that the pipe was loose, because I’d had a real plumber (not just a friend’s cousin’s husband) install the new sink and faucet last March, when I’d had the kitchen redone. But PG was right, it WAS loose, so he tightened the elbow joint at the one end. He thought that the other end of that pipe was also loose, and that it had actually dropped, but I didn’t think so. He suggested that I put some kind of container under the offending pipe, just in case it leaked again. I did, then put everything back in the cupboard and we went on with the day.

photo2That evening, after PG had gone home, I checked under the sink again. There was a bit of water in the container. I wiggled the pipe again. It seemed even looser, even though I’d seen PG tighten it previously. I tightened it some more. I could still move it up and down. I detached the elbow completely from the rest of the pipe. There was a white plastic gasket-type thingy there that didn’t seem to fit properly. I messed around with it for ten minutes or so, and suddenly I pushed it the right way and it snicked nicely onto the end of the pipe. I then reattached the elbow. No more movement.

And no more leaking pipe.

Oh – and I’ve turned on the door buzzer in my fridge so if a door is ever left open again, it will make noise until that door is closed. I’m not quite sure why I had it turned off in the first place …


4 responses to “Domestic disturbances

  1. Maybe Jazz is right? Anyway, what could have been a much bigger disaster wasn’t.

    • True. Things can always be much worse, can’t they? Like now I have to listen to that damn binging after I’ve barely opened the fridge door!

  2. Maybe you turned it off because it annoyed you when it binged? šŸ™‚