Birthday catch-up

imagesYesterday was my 56th birthday.



That’s hard to write. But yes, I turned 56 yesterday, and considering the alternative, I need to just get over it, to suck it up and embrace it.


I had a lovely day yesterday, the day of my 56th birthday. (I am trying to write it as often as I can, in the hopes that I will get used to it and accept it gracefully. So far, this is not working.) DD took me out for breakfast, as is our tradition, and when she went to work, I baked Christmas tarts and cookies. And I popped over to my mother’s to drop off some groceries that she’d requested and to pick up my card and gift from her. In the evening, PG took me out for a fabulous dinner in a little French bistro, and even let me have two glasses of champagne! And throughout the day, I fielded numerous texts and phone calls from the many wonderful friends and relatives who fill my life, all expressing good wishes for my birthday.

And I got one call from someone I hadn’t talked to for a few years. I almost didn’t recognize the number, it had been so long! And that person didn’t even mention my birthday (and it may have been a complete coincidence that she called me on my birthday) – but she did share a lot of news about a number of other people with whom we were both acquainted and with whom I had completely lost touch. People had moved, had had operations, had lost their parents, had made up with their parents … but the very best news of all was about this one guy with whom I haven’t exchanged a word in probably seven years. This guy has had a serious alcohol problem for many years, and he has now been sober for eight whole months! Apparently his doctor scared the shit out of him, detailing all his alcohol-related health problems and how they were only getting worse and that he was likely to die early because of them all. And the guy quit drinking just like that, and his health problems have diminished dramatically. He is apparently back to who he used to be, funny and personable and just a regular guy.

I was SO happy to hear this – and I’m smiling even as I think about it and type this right now!

Because this guy is my ex-husband and DD’s father.

I am hopeful that DD and he can now rebuild their broken relationship, but of course, she is a grown-up and has to make those decisions for herself. Me, I think I’m going to give him a call very soon and tell him how amazing I think it is that he was finally able to quit drinking.

7g314So, Merry Christmas K! You’ve made my spirits – and my 56th birthday – SO bright!

(And Merry Christmas to YOU too, lovely readers! Hope your Christmas season is as fabulous as you are!)


3 responses to “Birthday catch-up

  1. have you gotten used to the idea of 56 yet?
    (belated birthday wishes. have a drink on me to continue your celebration)

  2. First off, Happy birthday, dear sister. You and Wendy are the same age, and I refuse to tell you what mine is, OK? Secondly, I think that’s wonderful about your ex. Good for him. He can join the legions of those who have preceded him. And, since you are my sister and I love you, I am one of them. For me 16 1/2 years. I do hope DD will get in touch with him. Christmas blessings to all.