Back to normal

I brought my mom home from the hospital on Monday, as we had anticipated. She told me she was SOOOOOOO happy to a) sleep in her own bed, b) to have some peace and quiet finally, and c) to put on a bra for the first time in almost a week.

Funny, the things you miss when you’re laid up for a while.

The doctor said her incision was healing nicely, and he was able to remove all twenty staples before she left. I’m glad he did that – how would Mom ever get through a metal detector with staples in her neck? Not that there’s a metal detector to get into her building or anything, and not that the staples couldn’t have been removed a day or so later by her own physician, but it just kind of creeps me out to think of staples in my mom’s neck. Don’t they use that plastic thread that disintegrates on its own any more?

Anyway, she’s home and she’s doing well. She’s been making and receiving many phones calls (we have a big family), and her favourite sister (my aunt who came in from Edmonton on the weekend) is still staying with her. My aunt is anxious to ensure that Mom is comfortable and not doing too much and is resting as much as she needs to. I suspect that the two of them are pretty much constantly laughing their asses off, too. It’s what they do when they get together.

They are also planning to hit the casino tomorrow morning.

Yep, things are returning to normal. My mom is recovering from her surgery quite well, I think!normal1


6 responses to “Back to normal

  1. If she wants to hit the casino then it sounds like she’s doing OK. Happy for you all and it will make for a brighter Christmas for all concerned.

  2. I want to grow old just like your mom is doing it. It sounds like the best way.

    • I know! And my grandma lived to be 100 and was in fairly good health till her last five years or so, so this all bodes well for me and later down the line, for DD. Genetics often tell the tale, don’t they?

  3. Glad to hear she’s bouncing back!

    • Thanks, VioletSky. I really think that having her sister there (who is even more of a firecracker than my mom – and hilarious, too!) has helped speed things along. It should be a fine Christmas in Pinklea-land!