On hold

My mom is still in the hospital. We had been hoping that she could come home today, but apparently her incision continues to bleed a bit. The doctor (and rightly so!) won’t allow her to go home until that stops.

I’m no medical professional or anything, but I’m thinking that maybe they should take her off the bloodthinning medication. That stuff may have something to do with the fact that the bleeding hasn’t completely stopped yet. But hey, what do I know?

She is recovering well, blood seepage aside. In fact, she is quite pissed off that she’s still in the hospital. She can’t wait to get home, she said last night, because she’s got things to do! She’s only partly ready for Christmas! So that’s an excellent sign that she is well on her way to feeling good again.

My aunt, one of my mom’s sisters, is flying in from Edmonton tomorrow, and the plan was that she would stay with Mom for about a week, just in case Mom needed somebody there 24/7. My aunt will now have to be by herself at Mom’s condo for the weekend, but at least she’ll still be there when Mom is finally discharged from the hospital. Then after she goes back home to cold, snowy Edmonton (although she said that she just may not GO back home, if their weather continues to be so awful!), my brother and sister-in-law will arrive from the BC interior. They were coming down for Christmas anyway, so they’ve decided to stay a little longer, again, just in case Mom needs somebody there 24/7.

So we’re all set up for her, but we seem to be on hold at the moment. All we need is for that damn bleeding to stop and then the doctor will let Mom come home. Then we can have our Christmas …

… because my sparkly festive Christmas nails are waiting!photo


8 responses to “On hold

  1. Hope your Mom is home and enjoying her visit with her sister (if she stayed)

  2. Love the sparkly nails! I hope your mum is home now.

  3. Yes, there is a good reason why she is on blood thinners. It is how my grandmother got a stroke after she broke her hip and they took her off her blood thinners. I would not wish that on anyone.

    • Ah, so it DOES happen that lack of bloodthinners increases the chances of a stroke. And no, I don’t want my mom to have another stroke (even a mini-stroke is scary!), so I guess this is the way it must be. But as of last night, the bleeding had finally stopped, so it’s looking good for her discharge tomorrow!

  4. If they stop the blood thinners, and her blood thickens, it’s perfect conditions for another stroke. Which would seriously suck.

    • That’s probably true. It’s the lesser of the two evils: a little more bleeding vs higher probability of another stroke. Given the choice, doctors would likely go with a little more bleeding. And really, she’s already in the hospital, so help is right there!

  5. The sparkly nails look heavenly. And I think you may be right about the blood-thinners and your mom’s bleeding. Disquieting. May she be with you all for Christmas.