Today is the day for my mom’s operation to clean out that carotid artery of hers that is partially clogged and caused her mini-stroke last month.

And of course, it snowed yesterday and last night, so our early morning drive to the hospital was – um – a little more – uh – “entertaining” than anticipated. Not that we personally had any problems due to the weather or anything, but traffic was moving extremely slowly everywhere, so even though we left home even earlier than we would normally have done, it still took us about forty minutes longer to get to our destination. But we made it well before her appointed registration time.

Mom’s surgery was scheduled for 10:45 am, but 10:45 came and went and she stayed in the pre-op holding area. They finally came to take her upstairs about 12:15, so the whole schedule was then off by an hour and a half … which is actually going to work out well for DD and I. You see, I stayed with Mom the whole time till she was whisked off upstairs to the operating theatre, and then I went home. (Well, first I met PG for lunch. This waiting stuff just makes me ravenous!) So now I have an extra hour and a half till I can call the hospital to see if she’s out of the post-op recovery unit and into her room yet. And all that will now happen this evening, about 7 pm, so DD and I will miss the evening rush and will be able to get to back to see Mom without dealing with those traffic snarls. The weather is warming up as well, so even though it’s till snowing a bit, it’s not sticking very much, so there probably won’t be the same slippery conditions as there were this morning at stupid o’clock.

And now I even have time to go get my nails done this afternoon!

I know my mom will really appreciate seeing the sparkly Christmas nails that I plan to get.

Wouldn’t that totally cheer up anybody who’s just had surgery???


7 responses to “Operation

  1. Sparkly Christmas nails rock. I’m sure your mom will get a kick out of them. Best wishes to her for a quick recovery. Tell her Montreal says hi.

  2. Hope all is well with your mum and she recoveres quickly.

    Christmas nails.. very nice!

  3. Best wishes to your mom and I bet your nails look dazzling.

  4. Hope all goes well! (then op, recovery, traffic, and nails)